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30th Dec 2012 10:29
Message from Mad Bomber
ctf still has border problems.......a bunker on the edge of the center coutyard does not defend with 7 sided dice from the bunker
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12th Aug 2012 13:35
Message from Edward Nygma
Hey Thing, I have a cool idea for your CTF map. I kind of want to make my own scenario on it, what do you think?
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7th May 2012 15:28
Message from Cona Chris
Just wanted to second BlackDog's comment, it also goes the other way (Base-Open2 to Base4-Open3) and attack borders also are missing. Thanks!
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25th Apr 2012 14:12
Message from BlackDog
Good to see CTF here, it was one of my favorites on TOS. Missing fortify (and maybe attack?) border from Base4-Open3 to Base4-Open2. Thanks!
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19th Apr 2012 16:24
Message from Cona Chris
Love that your brought CTF over! I had a question - I seem to remember on ToS that your could fortify from the towers to any of the territories that you can attack, but on WG that is not the case. Did you decide to make a change or am I just not remembering correctly? It's kinda confusing to be able to attack something and not fortify to it, so wanted to ask. Thanks!
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7th Apr 2012 19:31
Message from MilesTeg
So excited to see your capture the flag board on here!!
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