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Not a person made of words.

7.1.1 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/173
Black: 39 (59%) White: 27 (41%)

7.1.1 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/357
Black: 20 (44%) White: 25 (56%)

7.1.2 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/314
Black: 19 (61%) White: 12 (39%)

7.1.3 (old) Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/186
Black: 44 (69%) White: 20 (31%)

7.1.6 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/240
Black: 32 (71%) White: 13 (29%)

7.1.7 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/222
Black: 28 (64%) White: 16 (36%)

7.1.8 Tournament http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/268
Black: 42 (64%) White: 24 (36%)


Alpha's Wall

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19th Jan 2015 21:14
Message from asm
By which I mean, uh, I guess you're not. Still here. Too bad. I've been playing Seven again lately. It's still great. Good luck!
#22 of 22
11th Jan 2015 16:48
Message from asm
Hello, friend. Thanks for leaving me a message of support during my absence. Great to see you're still classing up the joint.
#21 of 22
20th Feb 2012 19:44
Message from Knosken
Was gonna invite you for a game of seven but I don't know how you do that...
#20 of 22
4th Jan 2012 19:42
Message from zdisabled46
Alpha's I won the tournament.
#19 of 22
1st Nov 2011 11:28
Message from BlackDog
They had "REPLAY" at the start of the name, and they seem to be gone now.. not sure what was going on. I have a similar situation with Viper and games of Rockem Sockem
#18 of 22
31st Oct 2011 10:05
Message from BlackDog
What's up with the 15 'Five' games I have been invited to with you?
#17 of 22
13th Oct 2011 10:45
Message from Lucasj
You gotta calm down on the tournament wins!
#16 of 22
20th Apr 2011 19:47
Message from Mongrel
Re re re release 7 and let's get those tourneys rollin.
#15 of 22
24th Mar 2011 13:47
Message from Master Bratac
What happened to the dice version of seven?
#14 of 22
17th Feb 2011 21:13
Message from Master Bratac
#13 of 22
23rd Jan 2011 13:11
Message from RiskyBack
There is a problem with the Totally Random scenario in A Day at the Races. 2 games now have filled up but then all the players get deleted and it looks like a full game of nobody. tom saw it and deleted one of the games but I think there is an issue in the design of that scenario.
#12 of 22
13th Nov 2010 22:44
Message from Mad Bomber
#11 of 22
23rd Oct 2010 01:02
Message from Oatworm
You keep making them, I'll keep reviewing them. I'll also keep signing up for tournaments for them, which is where the trophies come from. It's the circle of life.
#10 of 22
11th Oct 2010 21:54
Message from Master Bratac
How about spies dice on the seven board?
#9 of 22
15th Sep 2010 04:41
Message from Mongrel
Mention territory max in the description of seven.
#8 of 22
27th Jul 2010 21:09
Message from Master Bratac
No more poop?
#7 of 22
17th Jul 2010 22:49
Message from Poppy
in those about to rock (rgg1) in texas or whatever, if you attack your 3 to the north and move out, so I can safely and easily pass through. I will be leaving north america to you. ty
#6 of 22
1st Jul 2010 06:47
Message from Mongrel
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25th Jun 2010 21:35
Message from Genkiwi
Also the game "Alive"
#4 of 22
25th Jun 2010 21:34
Message from Genkiwi
Hey Alpha This is regarding the game "Black" that you are playing.............Either JAMA and KREML6666 are the same person (i.e. this person has two accounts) or they team up in every single game they play but JAMA always win! very suspicious if u ask me. Check out there stats! They Joined Wargear on the same day! Their last visit was within 10 min of one another, they often join games right after one another. They are usually the last two players to be playing in the game and when this happens KREML666 will attack neutral territories rather than attack JAMA, and in even some cases will not attack at all. Also I have noticed that KREML666 will attack other opponents rather than take an easier option and attack JAMA. Check out their game history and make up your own minds! This is classic behavior of someone that has two accounts. Check out..............http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/906/I_think_JAMA_and_KREML666_are_the_same_PERSON!#post_2
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