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2nd Aug 2021 06:42
Message from Aiken Drumn
Not playing in a hundred games at once any more!?
#27 of 27
20th Jul 2012 09:19
Message from zdisabled_203822df
We should work together in moosh. What do you say?
#26 of 27
16th Jul 2012 10:17
Message from M57
Thanks for your comments and advice on the New Earth board. Changes have been made ..and you now have a territory named after you ;)
#25 of 27
30th May 2012 09:40
Message from Scipio
I am enjoying this game and your strategy so far. Interesting board. Are you from Italy or just living there now?
#24 of 27
25th Apr 2012 08:57
Message from Ether
Hello :)
#23 of 27
3rd Apr 2011 23:11
Message from Mongrel
No worries, studies come first, obviously. I will attempt a suitable replica.
#22 of 27
3rd Apr 2011 15:49
Message from Mongrel
Cool. Well, if I don't get it from you in a couple days, I'll probably just make a new one and stay as true to the original as possible.
#21 of 27
22nd Mar 2011 22:27
Message from Dud
Hey T, What is your major? I have a couple of good businesses that I could introduce you to but I wouldn't want to scare you if you are an Art Major! ;) No, seriously. If you are interested in being an entrepreneur I can show you a couple of businesses that are cool. Oh, and I hate to have to say this, but these are NOT B.S. multi level businesses. I wouldn't do that to you. I will need to address some issues with business in Italy to make sure I know the operate similar to the U.S. If you are interested, let me know and I will get you my email..... Now, get back to the books, Dud
#20 of 27
12th Feb 2011 05:29
Message from ecko
I played unreal tournament 2003/2004 bigtime and was one of the best players in France and in the world in 1vs1 and in team deathmatch :), I played many international competitions both online and on LAN. I love this game, havent played it in 1,5 years though.
#19 of 27
11th Feb 2011 17:59
Message from ecko
which other game, unreal tournament? (cf 06-player-02)
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16th Dec 2010 02:12
Message from Dafury
We freaking won the game after 94 days. just wow... http://www.wargear.net/games/player/30258 seriously a comeback
#17 of 27
22nd Nov 2010 15:59
Message from Reggio_E
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22nd Nov 2010 15:59
Message from Reggio_E
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17th Sep 2010 18:23
Message from pechin
Hay Tesctassa, what's going on? You haven't joined any of my games since Sept 6. If you come back we'll let you win!
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16th Sep 2010 13:33
Message from Benjamin Linus
Hello great guy. If you're not too late, I created a game. "Fanatics only". Or perhaps I allready told it to you? Nevermind. Welcome. Viva Italia!
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7th Sep 2010 22:23
Message from Mad Bomber
thanks for the reply.....its alright......strength of schedule should be used for tie breakers.....scores not calculated until tourny is over....what do u think
#12 of 27
3rd Sep 2010 13:56
Message from Mad Bomber
ok...someone explained it to me.....just seems that there is something wrong with the second round scoring....how can it be the same as round one?
#11 of 27
2nd Sep 2010 11:52
Message from Mad Bomber
sorry.....gimli in the first round.......
#10 of 27
2nd Sep 2010 11:45
Message from Mad Bomber
ok.... so besides eliminating Seige07 and Amidon37 in the final round, i defeated Jigen, Gimli, and asm....who all finished tied for 5th. I also eliminted mongel in the first round and he finished 2nd in the tourney.....who did master bratac beat...oatworm and myself......doesn't seem all that fair.....any info would be great.....im not looking for cheese to go with my wine.......just a little info
#9 of 27
2nd Sep 2010 11:33
Message from Mad Bomber
can you explain the swiss system.....i just "lost" the vertigo tourny and it looks like i beat much tougher opponents....and even though i lost to Master Bratac in the finals....i took out the other two players......does ties factor in at all? Also, is it only the last round that you can aquire more than the standat 500 points? thanxs for your time in advance
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