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18th Apr 2020 15:23
Message from botchian
wait how did you just win that game?
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12th May 2017 11:05
Message from Babbalouie
Thanks Reggio. We have met on the battlefield several times and you are a tough and admirable opponent. Usually it is in team games with your partner Spillo. Good luck!
#19 of 20
5th Sep 2016 11:58
Are you interested in a truce to take on orange, he is stronger than both of us right now and fighting eachother will just make us week.
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5th Sep 2016 11:58
Are you interested in a truce to take on orange, he is stronger than both of us right now and fighting eachother will just make us week.
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13th Mar 2014 19:10
Message from zdisabled_376f55f5
thanks for not joining our team tournament. fucking cocksucker
#16 of 20
8th May 2012 03:05
Message from lissandro
Hi Dude , we need to hit green strong ... i wont attack you .. we have to do the job together , otherwise game s over ...
#15 of 20
23rd Dec 2011 09:23
Message from YuriZ
Dude just play your games out or surrender.
#14 of 20
29th Aug 2011 06:46
Message from joeysprinkles
Weak. Why'd you puss out?
#13 of 20
16th Jul 2011 00:01
Message from Flavor
haha it's all good man
#12 of 20
13th Jul 2011 18:57
Message from Flavor
you sounded awefully serious, this is just a game man. I have to attack you because you haven't allowed me to have a bonus all game.
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5th Jul 2011 15:15
Message from Flavor
hey man, why do you keep breaking me instead of checking white... the strongest on the map? You 2 friends or something lol
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11th Jan 2011 22:37
Message from Andrew
TEAM 18 !!! We made a great team, dude. Gratz.
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23rd Nov 2010 03:55
Message from Tesctassa II
Ciao! (=
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12th Nov 2010 21:31
Message from Andrew
Congratulations, mate. :) Did you get my PM?
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9th Nov 2010 11:37
Message from aniketkno
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3rd Nov 2010 00:13
Message from Kanaka Maoli
Tour doesnt care... the same thing is happening in my team game
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21st Jul 2010 19:08
Message from Ardinos
Hey, we're in the ants game together on the same team. This round, if you can hit white as hard as you can in the lower half of the board, I can eliminate him in the upper right and light green who goes between us, shouldn't be able to do anything about it. Just an idea.
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28th May 2010 19:43
Message from Disco
I did not make a truce with blue. That is fine have it your way.
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17th May 2010 06:27
Message from akawildturkey
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26th Mar 2010 21:06
Message from wenzel1
ARe you here?
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