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Perfect Weight (If I was 6'7")
Extremely handsome (If I was 20 years younger)
PC? (Don't know how to spell it)
Shy? (Why?)
Athletic? (Duh, I play on this site, don't I?!)
Favorite Actor (Cary Grant/Don Knotts/Kurt Russell....It's a toss up)
Favorite car (My next one)
Golfer? (Slice This!)
Perfect Poker Hand (AAAWW)
Please don't ask me to "treaty", never ends well.

Best thing about this site (Universal Humor)

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18th Aug 2021 08:47
Message from Aiken Drumn
Fancy showing me how its done? http://www.wargear.net/games/join/804081
#79 of 79
10th Dec 2019 06:36
Message from Chele Nica
Amazing - WGW all-time record of 9596 eliminations, and approaching the big 10,000. Well done!
#78 of 79
28th May 2017 18:22
Message from Der Panzer
You're already offline and I can't warn you of this fact!
#77 of 79
28th May 2017 18:21
Message from Der Panzer
Dud. You have to finish the game or you'll boot out before me. I can't prevent that.
#76 of 79
24th Apr 2015 06:37
Message from zdisabled_67af6d92
Thanks for the compliment I have met a few that take this game far too seriously ( they need to get out more ). Win lose or draw it is only a game.
#75 of 79
20th Apr 2015 07:10
Message from renjason
I'm taking applications for the my new Arch Nemesis. I think you should apply. ;-) Interested?
#74 of 79
17th Apr 2015 03:09
Message from renjason
Amazing comeback from 1 unit left, to winning it all... http://www.wargear.net/games/player/429999
#73 of 79
28th Jul 2014 12:43
Message from Angela
Scary good player. Avoid if you don't want to lose ;). Thanks for the game Dud.
#72 of 79
9th Mar 2014 15:38
Message from Khanchance
Do you won't to make a treaty on war were North America you don't attack that in the upper and won't attack you there do you know what trying to say
#71 of 79
26th Sep 2013 16:09
Message from ActionRaccoon
How about you leave Europe, and in exchange I'll help you take Africa (:
#70 of 79
19th Sep 2013 19:22
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey! good luck in Yankee. Looks like you had a bad start. Want some help?
#69 of 79
13th Mar 2013 08:48
Message from franyosoy
Man, yesterday I was drunk and bored. My apologizes.
#68 of 79
26th Feb 2013 10:26
Message from Mad Bomber
Bye........see u around in real life perhaps. Enjoy making that money
#67 of 79
6th Feb 2013 11:37
Message from poloquebec
1 falker1976 3424 2 Luieuil 3409 3 Conan 3214 4 berickf 3108 5 poloquebec 3008 6 RECON 2773 7 Hugh 2770 8 Toto 2712 9 BlackDog 2691 10 Andernut 2654 Gotcha ;-)
#66 of 79
3rd Feb 2013 02:47
Message from Lt Bom Towers
thanks dud
#65 of 79
21st Nov 2012 19:30
Message from renjason
Wow! Your Wargear Warfare stats history bounces up and down like a heart monitor during a heart attack!
#64 of 79
20th Nov 2012 09:50
Message from zdisabled43
i created 2vs2.. join. cya
#63 of 79
22nd Oct 2012 21:35
Message from renjason
Damn. You got me in Wargear Warfare. I guess I've been getting lazy. (playing a bunch of 1v1 games) Congrats
#62 of 79
22nd Oct 2012 14:48
Message from zdisabled43
some other team game? gg on that one.
#61 of 79
17th Oct 2012 13:09
Hey, I see that. I guess we'll have to do something about it.
#60 of 79
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