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28th Jul 2012 09:21
Message from Toto
Welcome back Ecko
#15 of 15
21st Jun 2011 20:04
Message from Mad Bomber
enjoy retirement
#14 of 15
12th Feb 2011 11:02
Message from Tesctassa II
Wow! XD I played really few times. I'm not really the FPS gamer, but I do enjoy it sometime ;)
#13 of 15
12th Feb 2011 02:50
Message from Tesctassa II
Exactly! Unreal tournament (but also the offline version was nice) (=
#12 of 15
6th Feb 2011 00:06
Message from Yertle
Heya Ecko, I just seen your Rating of Colossal Crusade and just wanted to point out the Solar Scenario version of the board, it has History enabled (Fog optional) and has a custom card scale of 5-30 repeating. I definitely agree with your points (Default Rules are based on a previous board, Solar Rules are the ones I changed), thanks for the feedback and good luck! =Yertle
#11 of 15
16th Dec 2010 21:40
Message from Dud
Thanks Ecko. I cannot EVEN think of getting to 3000. I have teased myself before, why do it again.....
#10 of 15
15th Dec 2010 15:03
Message from Dud
And regardless of the number, my favorite STAT is "Eliminated" as it compares to games played. You have a VERY nice ratio my friend...
#9 of 15
15th Dec 2010 15:01
Message from Dud
You know the 2670 is just temporary. No matter the number, I am always going to hit 2000 before 3000...
#8 of 15
4th Dec 2010 20:03
Message from Dud
I just had to slow down a bit. Good to see you too. I joined some games you are in, here we go....
#7 of 15
21st Oct 2010 15:42
Message from razole2
Je te retourne la question, laquelle est la moins pire ? 2 du global ranking, NICE
#6 of 15
17th Sep 2010 17:24
Message from TheSalientOne
Glad to have fought on the same team, pity it wasn't a team game :-)
#5 of 15
20th Aug 2010 21:36
Message from WarGirl
Skilled General for sure.....You're wearing me down! How about next time we play together on a team?
#4 of 15
19th Jul 2010 19:23
Message from Disco
Watch out! This cat is a very skilled General.
#3 of 15
25th May 2010 15:40
Message from razole
Yeah baby, 2 victoires consecutives !!
#2 of 15
5th Mar 2010 03:32
Message from zolliuos
hey how bout a truce on europe marothone 2 I'm the red team
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