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17th Jun 2020 09:43
Message from Dogs Of War
Plays as long as he is in the ascendancy . As soon as that changes he just leaves without surrendering.
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16th Jun 2020 19:50
Message from DustyCuster
Game wasn't quite going his way. Still a competitive game, and he just left. Don't bother playing him.
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3rd Jun 2020 12:52
Message from prymal
if you're going to stop playing your own game, surrender instead of letting the timer run out. this will be the last time i play with you.
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21st Mar 2020 20:11
Message from Dud
I would be happy to beat you....AGAIN. But, you abandon games. Not worth my time. And shouldn't be worth yours.
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14th Feb 2020 10:24
Message from Dud
Your art of abandoning games is your skillset. Nuff said: http://www.wargear.net/games/view/705382
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13th Feb 2020 15:22
Message from Dud
You keep asking to play me, and I keep telling you I don't have time for those that abandon games when they are losing. I checked you info to see if you have changed...Nope, 16 boots in a month. I have no problem beating you, but you need to stop abandoning games. Deal?
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6th Oct 2019 09:48
Message from zdisabled_c93389d4
booter baby
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25th Jun 2012 12:36
Message from cubiclehunter
well mate i think I have to pull the treaty given the way this game has swung...good luck to you. cheers
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21st Jun 2012 13:19
Message from cubiclehunter
Yeah that sounds good. I will pull out of Cali entirely for you so you can gain more troops...one turn notice when treaty is over sounds good to me...lets hope we both last long enough for that to be a concern haha
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22nd May 2012 14:54
Message from Michkov
Allright, can you take the blue territories in New Mexico. You can take my northern Dakota territory to get troops across to the east if you want.
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11th May 2012 12:42
Message from krusksmash
hey HOLMESME in the game "hey" we should team until purple is atleast almost dead, because we cant let him have texas and the shipping frigades bad enough he has 12 cities, and we'll stay teamed until one of us calls it back, ok?
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