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10th Jan 2015 22:56
Message from norlingk
It didn't work, they both attacked me anyway...
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9th Jan 2015 14:52
Message from Satan
Congratulations on winning 'The Legend of Bilbo' tournament.
#19 of 20
9th Jan 2015 12:55
Message from norlingk
I'm trying your tactic in a game where it's obviously a two on one....
#18 of 20
16th Oct 2014 21:13
Message from Mad Bomber
U seem to win a ton of the tournaments I start....well done. That seaweed picture is from a surf spot near Oregon. We should team up in something sometime somehow......
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3rd Jul 2014 07:08
Message from M57
Hey, NI - Thanks for the heads up on the duplicate factory on New Earth - all fixed. I've just invited you to Dev play a map that's in Review and soon to go live. If you're not already familiar with "War of the Roses," you might find "Renaissance Wars" a bit complicated, so feel free to decline.
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10th Apr 2014 18:53
Message from CISworsky
I agree, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. I'll clear out as much of him as I can and hopefully you can take this.
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8th Apr 2014 19:40
Message from CISworsky
Here is my understanding of this lovely situation happening in our Ant game. I did attack your territory on, I think the 4th because that is when I got your message and agreed to pull my troops back and truce with you. On the 5th is when BST offered a truce as well and I had accepted. My thought process was that I would just reinforce my borders and wait for the chaos to filter out and I am left with my troops intact because I have truces with both of the players on my flanks. My plan was to simply wait it out. I had no need for cards, nor did I want a conflict that would cost me more troops. If this is not acceptable in your view then I honestly do apologize and I will own up and admit I made a mistake.
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17th Nov 2013 18:18
Message from Greengiant
Sorry don't play that map, unsure of which territories are which. I will not attack you at all, that will make it easier.
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29th May 2013 10:21
Message from limburg
grey is gonna take mordor this round, he eliminated pink... probably has the south as well..
#12 of 20
24th May 2013 04:36
Message from limburg
I was wrong, I was close and tried, but didn't have enough units to kill his defense
#11 of 20
24th May 2013 04:32
Message from limburg
I aint.. Grey is is there
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23rd Feb 2013 10:49
Message from limburg
remember our agrement you can't attack those areas yet :p
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31st Jul 2012 00:50
Message from corvo013
Hey, sorry you had to bail on that tourney. I didn't know you wanted Gamester to join you on your team. No offense taken on my part.
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7th Apr 2012 21:20
Message from Kjeld
Thanks for catch on Total WarGear -- I've fixed that continent. I am aware of the imbalance you point out with regard to the starting positions, but unfortunately that's the way I made the map (without thinking about it), so that's how it is. Total WarGear II has a more balanced setup for the islands.
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31st Jan 2012 13:23
Message from PerSianSirGin
Dude have you noticed orange..whats up.. why only me
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11th Dec 2011 11:30
Message from Greengiant
I don't have a premium membership. Sorry I had to go to the in-laws.
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16th Oct 2011 23:43
Message from Jigler
Nice win on Mario World 2! Congrats! Trophy looks good. :)
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15th Jul 2011 23:29
Message from Ozyman
Thanks for the note about my Crystal Caves map. I made the fix, but unfortunately it will only affect new games started on this map, so it won't take affect for your game.
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29th Jun 2011 18:43
Message from Satan
Hey NewlyIdle, how are you? I decided to take a more serious look at Wargear, looking up a few people I know from over on Warfish. Cheers, Satan
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3rd Apr 2011 20:00
Message from Mad Bomber
strong player
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