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21st Sep 2010 22:58
Message from Gimli
woops, the Russian one is done twice. the 2nd one is http://www.wargear.net/players/info/russiansniper44
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21st Sep 2010 22:56
Message from Gimli
Dude, I found 2 cheats on my own!! check it! just noticed some new players with very similar names, same country: http://www.wargear.net/players/info/billy-joe and http://www.wargear.net/players/info/billy-jo http://www.wargear.net/players/info/russiansniper73 and http://www.wargear.net/players/info/russiansniper73
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12th Aug 2010 04:33
Message from NoFear x187x
yo what up man ill be hitting u up on a game to join later today around 2 pm usa central time haha
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6th Jul 2010 13:42
Message from Gimli
I posted with Yertle, and we agree you should take the moniker "Sheriff" or something, in honour of your cheat catching. You can set it somewhere in some settings... :) Cheers!
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6th Jul 2010 10:18
Message from Lord_edgar
wooo gen good job, you got them good, i always knew they were cheating, now you just have to improve your 10percent win rate, you lost almost 70 and won only 7, we need to work on that together.. i will help you as much as i can.
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5th Jul 2010 15:48
Message from Paulville
Men I saw you talk about ASHM that is the same VITO, any answer of someone to expulse this SofB ChEATER
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4th Jul 2010 13:11
Message from Gimli
sweet! keep it coming!
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3rd Jul 2010 09:26
Message from DBA72
well that kinda sucked on the GOAL game. looks like I'm in faster trouble than I thought.
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28th Jun 2010 12:57
Message from Julian Grimm
Sounds good to me.
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26th Jun 2010 09:54
Message from Gimli
Hey no worries. I once made a mistake and got really mad at someone before... a player Bubble on warfish was starting a lot of a board called "good vs evil". It had like 3 territories and about 40% of the games could be won on the first turn, usually by the person who went first. I joined five, went last in all 5, and died without a turn in 4... I thought he set it up that he always goes first (because attacker has statistical advantage 3 attackers vs 2 defenders on 6 sided dice). But really it was just a random fluke (a "ranked game" for points can't be set-up like that). So I can apologise and own up to mistakes and my rudeness when justified, and I also learned to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand that misunderstandings occur. So for sure, no worries! And I think we are in a March of Time battle together... see you there!
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26th Jun 2010 08:50
Message from Gimli
I'm not sure about why you posted that stuff before on my wall, we have not had an encounter before other than me tyring to answer "who is this Gimli guy" questions that I recall. Anyhow, there was some suspected cheating on warfish, but it took a lot longer to prove... it went many months before anyone caught on. One big scandal was that someone seemed to have made accounts just to prop up review ratings for his boards, and trash their ratings of other people's boards (to make his look most popular). Anyhow, it is a real and true asset to wargear that someone has a good eye for that and is trying to keep the site fun and fair. I'm sorry to hear someone is trying to undermine the recognition. I've played over 1500 games there, lots of great people there, but few would've taken the time to really research the case in the way that you did. You found a clear cheater. No reason anyone would be sarcastic about that. And yeah, don't get involved in anything. Cheers!
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26th Jun 2010 02:32
Message from Gimli
Great pick-up on the cheater with multi-accounts! Too bad they don't give trophies for that. Nice to see someone interested in justice and fairness... you usually are right? Too bad they don't give trophies, cuz cheating really spoils the fun. Great catch!
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12th Jun 2010 17:37
Message from Lord_edgar
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