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Welcome to WarGear


The objective of a game on WarGear is (usually) to eliminate all other players or teams from the board. In order to accomplish this task you attack opposing forces through the use of virtual rolls of dice. Attacking leads to conquering, conquering leads to eliminations, eliminations lead to VICTORY!

Joining a Game

If you clicked on an email invitation to join WarGear then you can click on the My Games tab to access the game(s) you are Invited to. Enter the game by clicking on the game name, then select your preferred player color and click on Join to get started.

Alternatively, you can browse the Join Game tab to find an open public game to play in. Clicking on the game name will allow you to select your preferred player color and clicking Join adds you to the game.

Creating a Game

If you do not see an open public game that you want to participate in, you can create an open public game or a private game just as easily. Click on the Board tab to access the list of available boards on WarGear. From the board page you can view a range of information about the board, to create a game on the board simply click Create Game. Complete the Create Game page to begin your game on WarGear.

Quick tips on Joining or Creating a Game

  • New players may feel most comfortable on a basic command and conquer board such as Global Warfare, WarGear Warfare, or War.
  • Note the Game Speed of a game to identify how long you will have to complete your turn. If you are unable to complete your turn in the allotted time, you will be skipped or booted from the game.
  • Team play can be Enabled which indicates you will be teamed up with one or multiple other players and battle against other teams.
  • View the Rules to see more information as to the gameplay of the board.
  • Once a game has started, you will be notified via email when it is your turn to play, or you can check back on the progress of the game by clicking on your My Games tab to see whose turn it currently is.

For more information on Joining or Creating a Game be sure and check out the following additional Help pages: Joining or creating a game, Game types, Turn-Timer, Fog Settings, and Rules

Taking a Turn

Once it's your turn you'll get your first chance to start playing the game. To start the Player in which the game is played, click on the “Your Turn” button on the game list or click on the game name to get to the game details page and then click on 'Launch Player'. There are two Players and older Flash based player and a newer HTML based or Native player.

Your turn will consist of Unit Placement, Attacking, and Fortifying. The objective of each turn is to collect continents which will earn you bonus troops or go for eliminations that will ultimately lead to victory!

Some boards may have an additional phase of Territory Selection prior to Unit Placement in which you select one or all available territories in the order in which you would want to acquire them.

Unit Placement:

This is where you place the bonus units that you have been awarded this turn. You receive bonus units from either occupying all the territories in a continent or for occupying a certain number of territories or both.

Select the number of units you would like to place from the drop down list and then click on each territory on the board that you would like to place the units on. Once you have placed all your units, click on the 'Apply' button which will highlight automatically and will commit your unit placement.


Now it's time to attack one or more of the other players to try and capture territories. To attack another player, first click on the territory that you'd like to attack from and then click on the territory which you are attacking. When attacking, it is best to attack with 3 units when possible to increase your chances of success. Defenders defend with up to 2 units per attack. If you are successful in capturing the territory, you'll see a 'Transfer' window appear in which you can transfer troops from your attacking territory to your newly acquired territory.


In this phase you can transfer units between your territories to strengthen your borders from attack. Click on the territory you would like to fortify from, then the target territory and finally select the number of units you would like to transfer.

For more information on taking a turn be sure and check out the Playing a game - Turn Based Help page.

Membership and Settings

All new members receive a 1 month trial of Premium Membership! Just a few of the perks of Premium Membership:

  • UNLIMITED Active games - limited to 10 for Standard accounts
  • Game Player Summary - summary of bonuses, territories, and unit counts in games
  • Private Messaging - send private messages to other players in the game to discuss tactics / alliances
  • Vacation Period - safeguards you from being booted while you are on vacation

Check out the Premium Membership Help page for more information.

View your Settings page for account information, site preferences, email notifications, timezone settings, and more!

WarGear Community and Support

All WarGear members have full access to the WarGear Forums! Have a question, comment, suggestion, or just want to get to know your fellow WarGear players better? Then start a discussion or jump on in an existing one!

If you would like to contact the WarGear site administrators for any reason, please use the emails located on the Contact Details Help page.

Thanks and Welcome to WarGear!

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