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Here's a list of all the possible achievements on WarGear

Rankings (Based on “Championship Points” rankings)
5 Star General rank 1
General ranks 2-4
Lieutenant General ranks 5-14
Major General ranks 15-34
Brigadier General ranks 35-74
Colonel ranks 75-124
Major ranks 125-200
Captain ranks 201-300
Lieutenant ranks 301-400
Private everyone else!
Commander in Chief Administrator
Games Played
Novice Play One Public Game
Battle Hardened Play 10 Public Games
Experienced Play 50 Public Games
Fighter Play 100 Public Games
Ranger Play 500 Public Games
Marine Play 1000 Public Games
Combateer Play 2000 Public Games
Combat Veteran Play 3000 Public Games
Special Forces Play 5000 Public Games
Games Won
Harmless Win One Public Game
Mostly Harmless Win 10 Public Games
Average Win 50 Public Games
Above Average Win 100 Public Games
Competent Win 500 Public Games
Dangerous Win 1000 Public Games
Deadly Win 2000 Public Games
Elite Win 3000 Public Games
Supreme Win 5000 Public Games
Team Games Played
Team Player Play One Public Team Game
Team Expert Play 10 Public Team Games
Team Specialist Play 100 Public Team Games
Team Extreme Play 500 Public Team Games
Team Games Won
Combat Buddy Win One Public Team Game
Got Your Back Win 10 Public Team Games
Wingman Win 100 Public Team Games
Wing Commander Win 500 Public Team Games
Board Designed
Tinkerer Created a board
Designer Release one board
Builder Release 10 boards
Master Designer Release 25 boards
Forum Posting
Poster Post one comment on the discussion board
Contributor Post 10 comments on the discussion board
Socialite Post 100 comments on the discussion board
Wordsmith Post 1000 comments on the discussion board
Boards Played
Traveler Play games on 10 different boards
Adventurer Play games on 25 different boards
Explorer Play games on 50 different boards
Account Duration
Veteran Had an account for > 1 year
Old Timer Had an account for > 2 years
Elder Had an account for > 3 years
Founder First 1000 player numbers
Friendly Friended by a Player
Buddied Up Friended by 10 Players
Friend of the People Friended by 25 Players
Everybodys BFF Friended by 50 Players
Not Feeling the Love Enemy of a Player
Antagonistic Enemy of 10 Players
Nemesis Enemy of 25 Players
Public Enemy Enemy of 50 Players
Elimination Streaks
Killing Spree Eliminate 5 players in succession
Rampage Eliminate 10 players in succession
Dominating Eliminate 15 players in succession
Unstoppable Eliminate 20 players in succession
GODLIKE Eliminate 25 players in succession
Win Streaks
Double Winstreak Win 2 games in succession
Multi Winstreak Win 5 games in succession
Mega Winstreak Win 10 games in succession
Ultra Winstreak Win 15 games in succession
Monster Winstreak Win 20 games in succession
Ludicrous Winstreak Win 50 games in succession
Played Foggy Games
The Fog Played a game on a Foggy Map
Fogged Up Played a game on every Fog Type
Won Foggy Games
Detective Won a game on a Foggy Map
Lighthouse Keeper Won a game on every Fog Type
Tournament Play
Tournament Knight Joined Tournament
Tournament Champion Won Tournament
Tournament Team Champion Won Team Tournament
Rater Rate a board
Critic Rate 10 boards
Toe Dipper Trialled Premium Membership
Investor Become a Premium Member
ICU Upload profile picture
Quick Thinker Played a Realtime game
Fischer Price Played a Fischer Clock game
In The Points Scored a Championship Point
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