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Game Types

When creating a new game on WarGear you have the option of choosing either a Public or Private game. The difference between these game types is explained below.

Public Games

Public games are available for any player on WarGear to join and are hence a way in which you can test your skills against the other players on the site. Public games are Ranked which means that the results of the game count towards the global ranking system used to compare how good each individual player is. Note that you can't invite non-members to join Public games so they're not suitable for introducing new players to WarGear.

Private Games

Private games can only be joined by players that are specifically invited by the game host. As such they're a great way to get friends and family introduced to WarGear as you can safely set up a game against them without other players being able to either see or join the game. Private games are not Ranked so the results won't affect your ranking scores on the site.

Team Games

Team games are available to play on WarGear for both Public and Private games. Team games consist of evenly distributed teams of players, number of players per team are determined by the game host. The goal of a team game is to eliminate all players of every other team. There are a few team Rules that determine if you are allowed to view, place units, or transfer to teammates, so be sure and watch those. When attacking a teammate, the attack window will also be red, noting you are attacking a teammate. Public team games currently have no effect on board rankings for Championship Points.

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