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Players have two different Rankings on WarGear, a global ranking score and individual board ranking scores with championship points. Both rankings are updated with every completed non-team public game. Team games and private games do not affect your ranking in any way.

Each player begins with a Global Ranking score of 1000 and an individual Board Ranking score of 1000. Both scores are updated independently of one another at the completion of a game with either an increase or decrease in each player's score. Global Ranking scores are updated no matter what board is played, while each individual board has its own ranking scores that are also updated. When a player is eliminated, booted, or surrenders he or she will lose points on his or her Ranking score and when a player wins he or she will gain points on his or her Ranking score. The amount a player loses depends on that player's score compared to the winner's score. Likewise, the amount a player gains depends on that player’s score compared to the loser's score.

The following formula is used to calculate the addition or subtraction of a score:

(Loser's Score / Winner's Score) * 20 = Plus/Minus Score Change

This calculation occurs for each player in the game and only the winner gains points.

For example:
Player A - Score 1000
Player B - Score 900
Player C - Score 1100
Player D - Score 1000
If Player D wins the game the following calculations take place:
Players A/D: (1000/1000) * 20 = -20 points for Player A and +20 points for Player D
Players B/D: (900/1000) * 20 = -18 points for Player B and +18 points for Player D
Players C/D: (1100/1000) * 20 = -22 points for Player C and +22 points for Player D
The resulting Scores are then:
Player A - Score 980
Player B - Score 882
Player C - Score 1078
Player D - Score 1060

(Note: It does NOT matter who eliminates whom or when, only the game winner receives points.)

Global Ranking

At the completion of a non-team public game, substitute the player's Global Ranking Score numbers into the Score attributes of the formula to determine the increase or decrease of a Global Ranking Score.

The Global Rankings list of WarGear players can be seen on the Rankings tab.

Board Rankings and Championship Points

So you want to move up in Rank? That means you need championship points. You can read the gory details below, but basically you need to get into the top 10 and have a score of at least 1050 on a map to get championship points. Easiest way to do that is find a map that doesn't have a ton of action, that you actually like playing. Then play a couple of private games on it, then once you have it figured out start playing public games on it.

The Details

At the completion of a non-team public game, substitutes the player's Board Ranking Score numbers into the Score attributes of the formula to determine the increase or decrease of a Board Ranking score. Again, individual Board Ranking scores are separate scores from your Global Ranking score and neither score affects the other.

Board Rankings are also used to calculate a player's Championship Points. Once you obtain a certain ranking on a board you will receive Championship Points, although only the top 10 players of a board will obtain Championship Points. The thresholds for these Championship Points are as follows:

  • 1500+ score - 20 Championship Points
  • 1450+ score - 15 Championship Points
  • 1400+ score - 12 Championship Points
  • 1350+ score - 10 Championship Points
  • 1300+ score - 8 Championship Points
  • 1250+ score - 6 Championship Points
  • 1200+ score - 4 Championship Points
  • 1150+ score - 3 Championship Points
  • 1100+ score - 2 Championship Points
  • 1050+ score - 1 Championship Points

If 10 players have a ranking of 1500+, then the number one ranked player will obtain 20 Championship Points, number two will obtain 15, number three will obtain 12, and so on. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest H Rating (see below) stat for the board will obtain the highest amount of Championship Points. In the case of a H Rating tie, the player with the most recent completed Ranked game will obtain the highest amount of Championship Points.

The Championship Points leaders can be seen in the Board Championship list of the Rankings tab.

H Rating

H rating is a statistic that expresses your win percentage with respect to the expected norm. Obviously, the larger the number of opponents you face in a game, the lower your probability of winning. The H rating takes this into account by normalizing or _Gamesize Adjusting_ those larger games so that a 50% H rating means you are winning 1/2 of your 2-player games, 1/3 of your 3-player games, 1/4 of your 4-player games and so on. It is calculated as follows:

{Sum(W*O)}/{Sum(L+(W*O))}*100 where:
W = Number of wins in that category of #-player games.
L = Number of losses in that category of #-player games.
O = Number of opponents that you would play if you played one game in that category.

For example:
If you have won 2/6 of your 3-player games and 1/5 of your 5-player games (so you have played 11 Games total)
Numerator = {(W)2 * (O)2} + {(W)1 * (O)4} = 4 + 4 = 8
Denominator ={ (L)4 +((W)2 * (O)2))} + { (L)4 +((W)1 * (O)4))} = 8 + 8 = 16
So we have (8/16)*100 for an H rating of 50%!

A player's H rating score will be used as a tie breaker when more than one player has the same Ranking score.

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