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Premium Membership

Purchase a Premium Membership account for access to even more fun on WarGear! Access the Settings tab of your profile for quick, simple, and secure payment using your Paypal account. Just $10.00 for 3 months, $30.00 for 12 months, or $99 for 5 years, nets you the following extras:

  • UNLIMITED Active games - limited to 10 for Standard accounts
  • Game Player Summary - summary of bonuses, territories, and unit counts in games
  • Create Tournaments - create public or private tournaments on any board on WarGear
  • Private Messaging - send private messages to other players in the game to discuss tactics / alliances
  • Game Stats - access instantly updated information on the state of the board during games
  • Luck Stats - analysis of your dice luck and luck history in every game
  • UNLIMITED Board Designs - design and publish your own board designs on WarGear, limited to 1 board design for Standard accounts
  • Vacation Period - safeguards you from being booted while you are on vacation
  • Set Enemies - block non-Premium members from joining the same game as you or sending you unwanted messages
  • Work mode - switches the WarGear site design to a more 'discrete' view for work viewing
  • Rematches - start a rematch game from any point in a game's history
  • Ticker - keep track of all game events affecting you
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