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Playing a game - Turn Based

Starting the Flash Player

This section covers the usage of the Flash Player to take your turn in a game. Once it is your turn, start the player by clicking on the 'Play' button on the game entry under the 'My Games' tab or click on the game name to get to the game details page and then click on 'Launch Player' to get started.

Gameplay Basics

In Turn Based Mode each player takes their turn one after the other. A turn consists of the following three phases: Unit Placement, Attack, and Fortify. You can switch between the phases directly by clicking on the buttons in the header bar as shown below:

Unit Placement

This is where you place the bonus units that you have been awarded this turn. You receive bonus units from either occupying all the territories in a continent or for occupying a certain number of territories or both. You can see how many bonus units you are going to be awarded on the next turn by clicking on the Info tab in the Player or on the game info page.

Select the number of units you would like to place from the drop down list and then click on each territory on the board that you would like to place the units on. You can only place units on territories that you occupy (except in certain types of team game). Once you have placed all your units, click on the 'Apply' button which will highlight automatically and will commit your unit placement.

Note that in certain types of game the Rules may specify that player's can store a certain number of units in reserve for the next turn - check the rules page for the game to determine this.


Now it's time to attack one or more of the other players to try and capture one of their territories. Your aim should be to try and capture all the territories in a continent to increase the number of bonus units you receive each turn to help you win the game. To attack another player, first click on the territory that you'd like to attack from and then click on the territory which you are attacking. The following attack box should pop up:

The top '1 2 3' buttons allow you to make a single attack with 1, 2 or 3 units respectively. The drop down list allows you to make a multiple attack with the specified number of units. This number represents the maximum number of units you are prepared to lose in the attack. The bottom 'A' button is a shortcut for 'Attack with All' which allows you to attack with all your units, and if you capture the territory then you are allowed a Free Transfer. The bottom 'T' button is a shortcut for 'Attack with All / Transfer All' which allows you to attack with all your units, and if you capture the territory all your attacking units are transferred automatically into the target territory.

Shortcut keys available for the above actions are '1, 2, 3' for single attacks and either 'A' to attack with all units or 'T' to attack / transfer all units.

If your attack does not result in you capturing the territory, you can repeat the above to continue your attacks until either you have no more attacking units or you have captured your opponent's territory. If you are successful in capturing the territory, you'll see a 'Transfer' window appear as below. Select the number of units you would like to transfer into the captured territory to continue. The '0' button is a shortcut for transferring 0 units, while the 'A' button is a shortcut for transferring all units.

You can continue attacking other territories on the board as long as you like (except when attack numbers are limited in certain types of game Rules). Important Note: In limited attack games, using the 'Attack with All' or 'Attack with All / Transfer All' buttons only counts as a single attack if the Multiple Attack Rule is On. Every attack with the '3', '2', or '1' buttons count as a single attack.

Note: A multiple attack ends when 3 dice can no longer be rolled.


In this phase you can transfer units between your territories to strengthen your borders from attack. Note that most game rules specify a limited number of fortify moves are available - the text in the header bar will tell you how many fortifies you have remaining. Click on the territory you would like to fortify from, then the target territory and finally select the number of units you would like to transfer. The 'A' button is a shortcut for transferring all units.

Once you are done you can either click on 'End Turn' to complete your turn or if you have used up all your fortifications the player will do this automatically. Now it's time to wait for the other players to take their turn


Cards are an important part of the gameplay for most game boards. When you receive a 'set' of cards you can trade them for additional bonus units at the start of your turn. Click here for more information on how cards work.

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