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Editing Guidelines

If you add pages to this site, please familiarize yourself with the basic workings of namespace with the idea of keeping pages organized and the site map clean at higher levels.

Style Guide
  • WarGear is one word, two capitals.
  • Prefer 'boards' to 'maps' as it is more inclusive.
  • Comments/discussion of page content should happen in page. Preface your comment with two spaces to format it as a 'Code Block'.
  • Minor edits of typo's are always encouraged on most any page; for instance changing it's to its.
  • When editing or making additions to the pages members or their boards, notification and/or permission is a good idea. (exception: discussions embedded in a page)
  • In cases where notification/permission of member pages has not yet been given or edits are significant and subjective, strikethrews strikethroughs should be used to leave work intact.

How to

How to Move/Rename a Page

  1. Click the 'backlinks' (right side, chain link icon) on the page to see what links to it.
  2. create a new page with the new name, and copy the contents to the new page.
  3. Update all pages that linked to the old page with the new page location.
  4. Delete the old page (see below)

How to Delete a Page

If you edit a page and remove all its content then DokuWiki will delete the page, and the associated page name.

How to Restore a Deleted Page

Useful Pages

The sidebar can be edited here:

Namespaces Documentation:

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tho i can't figure out how to embed html to make it red, don't think you can center a table?
The html/php embedding are turned off by default.  Tom would have to enable them, but I don't know if there are security risks.
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