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14th Feb 2018 04:14
Message from Bobbylon
Hi, your post on Toro's wall caught my attention. What is "Orbital Anniversary" (14.05.2014)? :)
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29th Oct 2016 17:20
Message from The Cooler
I would like to personally invite you to a game I am hosting using "The Winds of Winter" scenario for "Risk of Thrones". I hope you will choose to join us... http://www.wargear.net/games/join/537680
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14th Apr 2015 15:35
Message from Twisted
Come join up in winter team http://www.wargear.net/games/join/433422
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31st Oct 2014 14:54
Message from psilofyr
Hey, sorry for the long delay. Basically the capital spying in the Risk of Thrones game works such that you can see the capital of a neighboring continent, either one that shares a land border or is just across the ocean. There may be some glitches still though, especially in the Home is where the house is scenario which is all messed up and I wish I'd deleted before it went live.
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18th Jan 2014 19:56
Message from Wild1
"I am almost dead. Just have those 9 guys, plus 5-6 other african provinces with only 2-3 guys on each left." Thanks for the info, I hope i can build up enough to hit him. grey still in AU, wonder how he is doing?
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3rd May 2012 13:55
Message from Stang13
Yea I hear you there. It was a good game, nice win. Sorry I had to leave for a meeting and didnt get back soon enough. Didn't mean to ditch out.
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27th Mar 2012 01:35
Message from zdisabled_c9e631c1
I'll take care of green, you take care of red. Keep an eye on blue. Good luck.
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18th Feb 2012 19:14
Message from Pity the Fool
The answer is "4"
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30th Jan 2012 19:59
Message from Popelli
Sounds like a fair proposal...ok.
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23rd Dec 2011 12:24
Message from Ardinos
If I could have taken the turns on vacation I would have, but there wasn't a viable internet connection. Also, that's why they call it vacation. I was trying to wind them down.
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9th Nov 2011 15:13
Message from Blood Stone
Hey Stargazer, go to conquerclub.com It's a RISK! type game site with better gaphics and maps.
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9th Nov 2011 13:25
Message from cap108
Hah, no problem. I couldn't get started in that game.
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24th Oct 2011 10:29
Message from Exile
Haha I will not backstab you. How about a 2 turn warning on both sides before an attack on a state controlled by the other.
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19th Oct 2011 15:29
Message from Exile
Haha very nice. Next turn I will be dropping troops on that side of the map since taking Portland back cost me most of my reserves this turn.
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19th Oct 2011 15:13
Message from Exile
Yea. Lets do that. We are just hurting ourselves while the others take huge chunks on the other side.
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20th Sep 2011 16:18
Message from Blood Stone
Still waiting for game # or invite.
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20th Sep 2011 11:36
Message from Blood Stone
What game did you invite me to? Just secured a account here.
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