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"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important."
— C.S.Lewis

Loved Risk all my life, played it since before i could really understand how. It's been great fun playing on different boards and learning new strategies. i'm a student at Asbury Seminary.

I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, my Lord and Savior, with all my heart and try to serve Him in everything I do.

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15th Aug 2013 12:02
Message from renjason
Hey Jigler... There seems to be a bug in the Mayan Adventure board. (excuse my ignorance if this is a board that is unfinished and isn't technically released at this point) It seems to have a broken bonus structure. Please review: http://www.wargear.net/games/view/291775 Grey has a bonus of +40 while Blue has +16... and they both have 2 temples. Also, can a description be added? These boards seem only half complete. thanks -Jason
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30th Jul 2013 06:19
Message from Teamster
Hey Jigler, a tournament has been created with your latest creation, Doom's Mayan Adventures, it would be great if you join me.
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12th Aug 2012 17:29
Message from Edward Nygma
Just something I found that I thought might be up your alley. Sadly MilesTeg's is probably better.
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12th Aug 2012 14:28
Message from Edward Nygma
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22nd Feb 2012 20:50
Message from MilesTeg
Seemed like something you might be interested in. I'd do it myself but, well...obviously you've had some experience with these. :) http://designyoutrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/274182_Papel-de-Parede-Mapa-Mundi-do-Mario_1920x1200.jpg
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19th Oct 2011 18:23
Message from bergles
yeah, I don't really know much about creating boards on this site since I just joined. What doesn't work about the board? I actually made a full-sized board to play on, but don't quite understand the board editor here...
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10th Oct 2011 11:57
Message from Online
Hey, I really like how you are showing respect towards Doom and his maps. The way you have presented them have been great so far, and I appreciate you for it. I do wish I could see you make original maps again, though. I really liked your take on things. :) #O
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28th Sep 2011 14:22
Message from Beastlymaster
You little PUNK! How dare you beat me!? Great game buddy. I think you may have made the move over to one of the great ones of Spy Vs. Spy. Get another few under your belt and we'll rematch.
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8th Sep 2011 15:32
Message from Lucasj
Ah, thank you for the enlightenment!
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8th Sep 2011 10:31
Message from Lucasj
What's the difference between championship points and normal ones?
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5th Sep 2011 01:36
Message from Yertle
Heya Jigler, Just a month behind, but just as a heads up I started working on Wizard's Duel again, I've had it in progress for a long while, with all new graphics, so no need for the originals. Thanks though! =Yertle
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27th Aug 2011 00:46
Message from MilesTeg
I saw that you recreated Doom's "Myths and Legends" on here. Any chance that you might be working on his "Middle Earth" as well?? That map, particularly with the different mods, had so much awesome play. It's literally the only reason I'm still on the other site. That and my disneyland map, which I can't figure out how to put on here. =
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26th Aug 2011 04:24
Message from CiscoKid
Can you recreate "The Land of Arda" here?
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9th Aug 2011 15:04
Message from Lucasj
What is H rating?
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17th May 2011 14:29
Message from j-bomb
i got them from all kinds 2,4,6,8 but mostly 4 player. but i definatly killed a bunch people on that map.
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17th May 2011 11:56
Message from Yertle
Do I with my maps? I don't, my Scenario titles really aren't usually very descriptive...I keep banking on tom making it more easy to see differences between Scenarios, he's seems to be filling in the missing pieces over time so hopefully it will just be easy in the future :).
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14th May 2011 15:46
Message from Thingol
Excellent job on Doom's map conversions...they look fabulous!!
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4th May 2011 00:08
Message from BTdubs
Hilarious end to the tourney. I gambled and lost.
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29th Mar 2011 16:15
Message from Yertle
Soli Deo Gloria
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3rd Feb 2011 20:16
Message from Mangler
hey, thanks for the congrats on my tourney domination of your mario world 1 map. Glad to see you're bringing all the mario maps over to wargear, they're a fun bunch.
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