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15th Oct 2012 22:29
Message from Mad Max
Haven't seen you for awhile. Are you OK?
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25th Aug 2012 13:03
Message from DBA72
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/873 come join my team Let us do this...we will dominate!
#60 of 61
1st Jul 2012 01:02
Message from Affordablecards
Hey, Cisco! Congratulations on making it to #2 on the Plants V.S. Zombies map rankings! You passed Black Dog by 3 points, and he and Edward Nygma, the map's designer, are who taught me how to play it. I'm quite proud to know I've "paid it forward" by teaching you to rock on it, too. Of course, I've perhaps learned more on it from you than you have from me, and for that I'm grateful, too. Keep playing public games against players who aren't me, and you'll keep chasing me down in the those standings. Again, congrats!
#59 of 61
10th May 2012 06:27
Message from CAT210
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18th Apr 2012 20:20
Message from WarGirl
You are a very nice person. Thanks for your note. :)
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24th Mar 2012 15:53
Message from Edward Nygma
I'm not convinced that you are correct, so I won't change the board. I believe that it is complete and good, I'm sorry you don't agree.
#56 of 61
24th Mar 2012 04:35
Message from Affordablecards
Hey, Cisco. Sorry you caught the wrong end of my boomstick on ten of the last 11 plants v.s. zombies games we played. I am confident you will climb back up the rankings on that board very quickly against other players. You just decided to pick on me on the very first map I have actually mastered on Wargear. Better luck next time, my friend!
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24th Mar 2012 02:27
Message from Edward Nygma
I'm sorry about your feelings about Plants vs Zombies, but I do not agree and your approach is really aggressive. First of all, the zombies used to be able to fortify this way, but they won every game. Also, the plants DO fortify the same way as the zombies, to adjacent territories, thus the sunflowers go to the sunflowers and so on. The zombie "rush" puts the zombies behind, so it wins when the plants aren't watching, but loses the game for the zombies if it gets caught. Try playing as the zombies without rushing and see how you do before leaving a 1 star review.
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23rd Feb 2012 02:23
Message from Haygruh
I got my turn skipped and was way behind!
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10th Feb 2012 20:25
Message from Mad Bomber
i think it is because i am suppost to win!...i too love the jugs......who dosen't!
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3rd Jan 2012 20:46
Message from Mad Max
I am hosting a couple of My Kingdom games or at least trying to do that. Still new to WarGear and the way things work. You might want to join up there.
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2nd Nov 2011 22:18
Message from FurBabe
You too, love! (blows kiss)
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19th Sep 2011 17:08
Message from Cyan-ide
Great work in that Italy game! We should play again some time, it was an absolute riot! I'd leave you more colorful messages but you'd probably tell on me and try to get me banned or something. Hey, I saw your message on the WF forums. Too bad Theep has locked me out otherwise I could actually defend myself. Luckily Thrilla came to my defense on that one since your comments are clearly not justified. Good luck and have fun out there! Yours always, Cyan-ide
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26th Aug 2011 09:29
Message from Jigler
sure can. It'll take some work. Right now, on the list is Mayan Adventures and the rest of the Mario series. But i'll start working on Arda too :)
#48 of 61
18th Aug 2011 14:12
Message from MilesTeg
Same to you!
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2nd Jun 2011 12:23
Message from Targo
It's good playing with you Cisco. I'm sure you will end up getting me on that board.
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20th May 2011 13:40
Message from Thingol
My suspicion about the WF site going down so often is that it's probably just as simple as a log file getting too large...which would require just the minutest of maintenance to keep from happening.
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17th May 2011 11:10
Message from kawe
Hi, because sometimes I don't have free internet.
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22nd Apr 2011 11:45
Message from BrownSugaredThunder
I fell asleep!
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23rd Mar 2011 08:58
Message from Amidon37
Cool with me. I'm in.
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