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3rd Sep 2020 20:16
Message from Chele Nica
You're back! I don't think we ever played a game together (at least not according to Head2Head data), but I've enjoyed watching some replays of your games, and also appreciated your forum threads regarding strategy. I'm taking a little sabbatical, but will hopefully run into you in a month or so.
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10th Oct 2014 01:57
Message from Andernut
Just in 4 games atm. I don't load up much on boards - glad to see you respond though. We should play another team game at some point, possibly tourney. Though I lack motivation to find games and tourneys hah. Many of the games I play are because someone tells me to play it.
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8th Oct 2014 20:55
Message from Andernut
Hey how goes it?
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13th Nov 2013 14:10
Message from Teamster
Well done Hugh, that's a fine looking medal you have there :-)
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13th Nov 2013 12:44
Message from Kancercakes
I would like to formally request the 1st ranked player on the board to a champions match. http://www.wargear.net/games/join/317008
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13th May 2013 00:12
Message from Mad Bomber
3000.... This guy can roll........and finish his coffee
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11th Jan 2013 14:22
Message from itsnotatumor
Lol, Busy season here too. As soon as my game count is down I'm comin' for ye!
#43 of 49
8th Jan 2013 00:39
Message from itsnotatumor
Ugh! You bastard! You took Stargear back by 3 points! Nice work. =)
#42 of 49
11th Nov 2012 23:38
Message from itsnotatumor
Stargear tourney calling for the board champion...
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30th Oct 2012 20:53
Message from Cona Chris
Your stats show you with 1,101 eliminations in 1,101 games. You must be a fraction hater! :)
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28th Sep 2012 18:22
Message from RoyalCrown
Really enjoy playing this guy. You can tell he is very strategic and competitive.
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28th Sep 2012 15:05
Message from RoyalCrown
Hey thanks for the heads up on the forums. I actually find it hilarious.
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10th Sep 2012 12:21
Message from franyosoy
Good game played, hope to see you soon. Thx
#37 of 49
9th Sep 2012 23:50
Message from 3EyedTitan
Mastermind, if he graces you with his presence beware.
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14th Jun 2012 15:22
Message from j-bomb
thanks for the heads up on my hockey board i think i got it all fixed now.give a holla if you see anything else or if you want to play a game. i appreciate the feedback.
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8th Apr 2012 01:57
Message from RazingAces
That game of simulgear aggression we played was interesting and suspenseful. Laters and happy gaming.
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19th Mar 2012 22:02
Message from Mad Bomber
you said it baby....nobody f@#K's with the hughsus
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24th Feb 2012 14:17
Message from Cona Chris
Thanks for the congratulatory post on my wall. It's been a lot of fun climbing up the ranks. I enjoyed our recent Gear Wars battle in the tournament. Hope to see you again in a game soon!
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17th Jan 2012 03:38
Message from Toto
Great signature you have. I will tell my friends.
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13th Jan 2012 14:49
Message from Ardinos
Give me a chance to get better at the board so I think I could at least make it challenging and then I'll play you as much as you'd like!
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