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19th Jul 2012 10:55
Message from Andernut
I started a 2-player private game of your chess map. In the first round, my opponent went first and received 4 units. I went second and received only 1 unit. I read in the description that everyone except the first player receives one bonus unit, however it seems this "bonus" unit completely overwrote my getting my 4 base units for the round so the person who goes first in effect gets to take two turns before I can do anything.
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8th May 2012 18:32
Message from Jimmid
Sorry, Ace. Just had to finish what I started. No hard feelings.
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25th Apr 2012 11:07
Message from bobthegreat24
hey do you want to play as a team on Culverland Dreams?
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29th Mar 2012 21:46
Message from zdisabled36
gg, RA. A lot is luck, wouldn't you agree? You are an excellent player. Always challenging to play against you.
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24th Jan 2012 03:20
Message from j-bomb
i like the chess board let me know if you want to test it some more.
#10 of 14
10th Nov 2011 17:04
Message from renjason
the truse was over long ago... when you took over half the board. Well done though. GG!
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9th Oct 2011 16:56
Message from zdisabled36
I've only won 3/5 against you. It just "seems" to you like I always win. :)
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7th Oct 2011 09:52
Message from Yertle
Heya RA, Thanks for the reviews! I just wanted to let you know about the Solar Scenario for Colossal Crusade, it has the incremental card scale rather than the 5/5/5, thought you might be interested in that. The bonus structure came from a previous version of the board, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on that as well! Thanks again and happy gearin'! =Yertle
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3rd Oct 2011 19:50
Message from TrizOz
I like the evolution you made in the Chess Game, regarding the attack Black on White on vice versa (no more dice 6vs8 or 5vs7. The thing I can reproach is the fact that most gamesare stereotyped (no offense of course), we barely have time to really enjoy the middle part for example. I would probably try to ease the access to those areas, by removing pieces for instance... that way you could have longer attacks, especially with the ones that move in diagobal (bishop in english right ?). Waiting for your point of view ;)
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29th Sep 2011 19:56
Message from Paulville
We can do some team games!! Of course! However right now I have full my 10 games for a standard member!!
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11th Sep 2011 07:34
Message from The Scandinator
im interested in testing any map. :P
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7th Sep 2011 05:25
Message from Jah Warren
Interesting to test it!!!!
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6th Sep 2011 19:35
Message from TrizOz
hey Razing, definitely up for more games soon, some Wargear Warfare or Colossal Crusade ? ;) c u around
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2nd Sep 2011 21:26
Message from Mad Bomber
im interested in testing
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