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Nothing like a good contest for global domination, kill em all and let god sort em out I say!

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17th Sep 2012 13:46
Message from AbeFroeman
Great Avitar
#27 of 27
27th Jul 2012 21:57
Message from Ceggon
LOL, i just realize I was very recently #1 on both the boards you are #1 on. Oh, its on!!!!!
#26 of 27
27th Jul 2012 12:26
Message from Ceggon
I'm glad you posted, I didn't realize I made it realtime. I'm go to do it again on a more reasonable time schedule :)
#25 of 27
22nd May 2012 22:41
Message from moooghan
come back!
#24 of 27
22nd May 2012 22:41
Message from moooghan
come back!
#23 of 27
18th Apr 2012 03:27
Message from Aloner
You're absolutely right
#22 of 27
28th Jan 2012 01:37
Message from the regulator
what you should be asking quazi is if the picture he has up is him.... =cD
#21 of 27
27th Jan 2012 22:33
Message from Quazimoto
Heck you still have time to look psycho, and being a middle aged person is not that bad, I am 55 and wait till you get this far. LOL
#20 of 27
23rd Jan 2012 22:43
Message from Quazimoto
It is a cool pic and I thought it would have been really cool if it had been you. A unique picture at the least
#19 of 27
22nd Jan 2012 16:46
Message from Quazimoto
I need to know though, is the pic really you?
#18 of 27
20th Jan 2012 16:26
Message from Greengiant
Sounds good. Sorry I don't have a Premium membership thing.
#17 of 27
16th Jan 2012 20:05
Message from Quazimoto
Thanks for the compliment. GG to you also, it is usually interesting when we play
#16 of 27
16th Jan 2012 20:02
Message from Quazimoto
Thanks for the compliment. GG to you also, it is usually interesting when we play
#15 of 27
13th Jan 2012 14:42
Message from Hugh
Not a problem, I understand. (I did find the game title humorous, though!)
#14 of 27
4th Dec 2011 14:06
Message from TheStargazer
Not cool staying in games when you go on vacation dude. Holds everyone else up :-(
#13 of 27
18th Nov 2011 13:33
Message from timmy888
Don't bomb in our team game, we need you dude!
#12 of 27
17th Oct 2011 08:30
Message from TrizOz
thanks man ! got me loads of needed points :)
#11 of 27
5th Oct 2011 14:51
Message from TrizOz
Don't know if you saw my message by chat, but I AGREE for Fallout 8p :)
#10 of 27
3rd Oct 2011 02:24
Message from RazingAces
Hey what's up? Looking forward to pounding some rum and taking some names on Doom's isle.
#9 of 27
21st Feb 2011 16:12
Message from renjason
Well played.
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