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22 Apr 2020
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
Deceptively simple board, contains more complexity than is apparent at first sight. Interesting duel board.
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9 Jan 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Great
Haven't played this board in like forever, but i can easily assume the board can make your moves play a huge key into it. It's closer to a potentially competitive game of chess than your average risk game.
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28 Sep 2018
Reviewed by Oldtimer  Superb
Excellent duel board even though luck can decide the outcome.
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12 Dec 2017
Reviewed by Pratik  Great
Very simple, but can get quite interesting.
Knowing when to attack is key.
Does come down to a few dice rolls though, so luck can end up playing a big factor at times.
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29 Apr 2017
Reviewed by sirdakka  Superb
Excellent simple strategy game
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4 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Abishai  Good
A lot of strategy, but a lot can come down to an early 3v1 attack.
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31 Jan 2017
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Superb
Wow, this one is an interesting one, and brings back fond memories as we played a real time tourney on it. Would love to get some more games going on it now that I'm starting to understand the strategy
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10 Feb 2014
Reviewed by collider  Superb
Love it - it needs strategy and courage (to shoot at the write time).
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21 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Superman  Superb
Very quick. Lot's of strategy involved.
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26 Nov 2013
Reviewed by zdisabled_d765cf3b  Great
Simple, but yet neat.
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2 Oct 2013
Reviewed by Spyder  Perfect
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21 Sep 2013
Reviewed by Chinnie  Great
Good board. Very unique.
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3 Sep 2013
Reviewed by Serpentis-Lucis  Perfect
Excellent board
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18 Mar 2013
Reviewed by ratsy  Perfect
The perfect duel board! Be sure to think it all the way through!
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6 Oct 2012
Reviewed by Pappy  Good
Not a big fan of 1 on 1 matches but thats not the boards fault. Very well put together.
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25 Mar 2012
Reviewed by Phoenixx  Superb
Excellent execution of concept, each attack has to be calculated perfectly. Huge replayability.
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16 Mar 2012
Reviewed by dondoolee2  Perfect
the most "brainy" board I know of - simple rules and concept, tough to master. Closer to checkers that Risk. This may be my fav board.

Plus it's 2 player which means I can play it live during work on my down time
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27 Feb 2012
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Superb
The more I play, the more I like this board! There can be a lot going on and to think about believe it or not. Your two attacks are precious - be sure to use "A" or "T" when you have more than 3 units to attack with. You also have to realize how hard it is to get a successful attack to take out a unit to do well on this board. Wonderful idea for a board and I love the layout and graphics.
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11 Feb 2012
Reviewed by AttilaTheHun  Superb
This board is awesome. Great graphics, great gameplay. Perfect execution of the concept.
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5 Feb 2012
Reviewed by peiman  Superb
There are lots of strategies which we could try in this game!!!
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