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This page defines language that is commonly used on WarGear.


Generally a scenario-based board where the players start in positions and with unit counts that are not identical or mirror images (e.g. Battle of Waterloo, The Lorax). The major problem with asymmetric boards is game balance, since it is difficult to balance out the starting positions perfectly so that each side has an equivalent chance of victory. One way around this is to randomize start positions (i.e. players cannot choose their start position). Asymmetric can also refer to a team scenario where each team has a different number of players (e.g. The Walking Dead, Axis and Allies). Note that an asymmetric team scenario cannot be played in a tournament format.


Refers to a territory on which unit placement is disabled.

Choke Point

A board texture that affects game-play. Choke-points are typically characterized by territories that border relatively fewer territories than the norm. Other texture types, such as dice-mods, can also create the effect.

Collector Continents

A type of Continent. See Collector Continents

Crab Game

Most commonly occurring with 3-Players; a game that has a tendency to stalemate because in the event of two players battling each other, the third unscathed player gains the upper hand.


When capitalized in a sentence, refers to the WarGear interface that enables members to make boards for play on WarGear. When lower case, refers to the actual WarGear member who is designing the board.


A type of Continent, which instead of putting bonus units 'in-hand,' places them on the board in pre-determined locations. Factories are an advanced designer feature. Learn more about them here.

Hidden Factory (also Off-Board Factory)

An advanced board designer method that operates in the background to achieve complex game mechanics (give board examples). Players do not interact directly with hidden factories or off-board factories, and often will never even see them. Learn more about them here. (Link needs updating when the appropriate page is built.)


A type of continent. See Hordes

Live Board

Live boards can have public games created on them that show up in the Join Game Queue (contrast with Dev Board (beta status?)


There are two common uses:

  1. A person who plays on the site. There are two types of membership, Standard and Premium.
  2. A term used by board designers to describe the territories defining a continent or factory bonus.


Used when a board has multiple versions available for play. Each version is called a scenario, and they may differ slightly (e.g. one with no fog and one with heavy fog) or substantially (e.g. different board images, different territory layouts, different size). A game on any scenario of the same board contributes to a player's ranking calculation for that board.


A board or scenario in which the designer has preset the player starting positions and starting unit counts (rather than open territory assignment and unit placement). These boards are often asymmetric or simulgear (the classic example is Axes and Allies), but do not necessarily have to be (for counter-examples, see Battle of Waterloo or My Kingdom). Click here to learn more about setting up a board.

Super Continent

A continent composed of smaller continents. e.g. A world map with USA, Canada and Mexico as continents. Then an additional bonus if you held all three for a North America “super continent”.


A term describing boards that uses border modifiers or other designer techniques to emulate terrain types – such as mountains, hills, forests, deserts, and so forth – that are depicted in the board graphics. For example, all hill territories might grant extra board vision, while swamp territories might suffer an attack penalty.

Territory Attribute

An assignable condition that a territory can be given by the designer. Examples include “Max Units” and “Placement Disabled”


“The Old Site” OR “That Other Site,” A site similar to WarGear from which many of the original WarGear players immigrated.


When a player “hides” and attacks as little as possible in an effort to amass armies; typically just enough to gain a card.

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