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How to Play

1. Create an account on WarGear

Before you can play a game on WarGear you first need to create an account. If a friend has sent you an invitation to join a game then there should be a link in the email that you received that will take you to the signup page, otherwise you can join Wargear directly by clicking here. Be sure and check out Premium Membership for even more extras!

2. Join an existing game or create a new game

If you clicked on an email invitation to join WarGear then you'll be taken straight to the details of the game that you were invited to play. Select your preferred player color and click on 'Join' to get started. Hopefully the person who invited you will be available to give tips on how to play!

Alternatively if you joined Wargear directly then you have a choice of either Joining or creating a game. The advantage of starting your own game is that you can choose the board and associated game settings when creating the game, however you may need to wait a while for all the other players to join. If this is your first game then it's probably best to join an open game to start with until you get to grip with all the available settings.

3. Wait for the game to start and then for your turn to begin

Once the game has filled up (check the The player bar to see how many players are needed) the game will start automatically. You will be notified via email when it is your turn to play, alternatively you can check back on the progress of the game by clicking on your My Games tab to see whose turn it currently is. The The player bar gives a visual indicator of the current state of the game and whose turn it currently is.

4. Take your turn and repeat!

Once it's your turn you'll get your first chance to start playing the game. To start the player, click on the 'Play' button on the game entry under the My Games tab or click on the game name to get to the game details page and then click on 'Launch Player' to get started. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the use of the Player.

Good luck!

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