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My favorite boards are Fallout, Axis & Allies, and Colossal Crusade. Send me an invite if you wanna play. I accept all challenges and log on enough that my games don't drag on! Also as a disclaimer my son is playing here under the user wcs1999. So if you don't like playing against multiple family members don't join a game where we both have signed up. We will play fair, you have my word, but I want that relationship out in the open.

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2nd Oct 2013 04:48
Message from Sim88
Yo! You soon won't be 1st anymore if you don't start playing again...
#16 of 16
10th Nov 2012 04:01
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey, I've heard you got game. We need two more to join a team for the A&A Bombers Tourney you should join us.
#15 of 16
9th Jul 2012 20:41
Message from Thingol
Come on Falker
#14 of 16
17th Jun 2012 01:13
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Hi, if you are fancy joining a flash team game please check: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/161058
#13 of 16
26th Oct 2011 22:20
Message from Kjeld
Thanks, just checking =)
#12 of 16
25th Oct 2011 09:42
Message from Kjeld
I notice you've played Mordor 3 times in a row on the FFA map -- are you able to choose your starting position? I ask because my intention was for it to be random (to prevent abuse).
#11 of 16
17th Aug 2011 21:17
Message from Thingol
Damn fine A&A player - I've really enjoyed playing with and against (maybe not so much) you.
#10 of 16
24th Jun 2011 12:01
Message from Cona Chris
Wow! 3000 ranking... take a screen shot of that one!
#9 of 16
17th Jun 2011 04:59
Message from Djembe
Impressive global ranking! You're going to break my personnal record (just need 20 points more). Congrats.
#8 of 16
16th Jun 2011 17:04
Message from The Hammer
hey, join me and Atilla in that open A&A match
#7 of 16
1st May 2011 11:17
Message from AttilaTheHun
Hey there falker, hope you'll reconsider joining the A&A FFA tourney (http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/321?hidenewmsg=1#Messages). Wouldn't be the same without you!
#6 of 16
8th Apr 2011 15:28
Message from SpyYoshiRv
join my game is Colossal Crusade
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1st Apr 2011 13:08
Message from Odin
#4 of 16
31st Mar 2011 13:41
Message from Odin
green appears to lack a degree of sincerity, so I am open.
#3 of 16
27th Mar 2011 11:30
Message from Odin
Maybe we should ally, just like those two did in WW2. What do you think?
#2 of 16
10th Feb 2011 14:30
Message from Rasputin
gg on the gathering map, hope to play you again. Very efficient player, deadly at times
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