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I'm back!

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3rd Mar 2012 20:19
Message from Mad Bomber
id thought you'd be in the top 10 by now.....gl
#11 of 11
27th Nov 2011 21:50
Message from Amidon37
Just saw your name in a game. Welcome back to the Gear.
#10 of 11
14th Jul 2010 22:07
Message from Mongrel
Fixed fun formula-free five fantasia (Five tournament open).
#9 of 11
22nd Jun 2010 18:36
Message from asm
Well, that's too bad, but certainly good for my ranking. Congratulations on your new gig, though. See that you stick around at least a little bit, though, if you can.
#8 of 11
22nd Jun 2010 17:24
Message from asm
Wow, 3-for-3 on Great Divide?! Nice! Congrats on shooting past me today. I think you've definitely got what it takes to keep the #1 spot.
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11th Jun 2010 13:56
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Thanks for reporting the Koprulu issue. Tom and Yertle were able to fix this board and the bug responsible for issue.
#6 of 11
11th Jun 2010 02:10
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Weird. I removed the pit but something must have gotten screwed up. I'll see if I can change it.
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25th Apr 2010 14:51
Message from asm
Thanks man! Just persistence and way too many games... I think your greater skill win eventually win out over the long run, though.
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28th Mar 2010 20:38
Message from CiscoKid
Yeah, you must have magical loaded ones too! :-)
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25th Feb 2010 10:15
Message from Magpie
Where are those dice from in your picture? I've been trying to figure that out for a while now...
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19th Feb 2010 15:58
Message from Vataro
I've been trying, but his luck greatly outshone mine last turn. Thankfully, this turn went a little better (although some of his 1 unit territories still took way too many of my units).
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