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25th Jan 2011 21:34
Message from RiskyBack
I never see you around anymore.
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23rd Sep 2010 17:05
Message from Edward Nygma
I see... I had misnamed one continent bonus to have the same name... so my review showed that it was there. Anyway, I'm sorry that I didn't get to it sooner, but since I have to copy, fix and promote, it wouldn't have changed your game anyway.
#21 of 22
23rd Sep 2010 16:56
Message from Edward Nygma
Yes, I hope it didn't cause a problem, I'll go fix it.
#20 of 22
22nd Sep 2010 15:35
Message from Cramchakle
They shouldn't be all capital territories. I only made the city a capital. Looks like something I'll have to fix...
#19 of 22
24th Aug 2010 15:32
Message from Edward Nygma
It seems like it would end in stalemate, but I have yet to see it happen. Somebody slips at the end every time.
#18 of 22
21st Jul 2010 10:52
Message from weathertop
i've had one, but it's not up to my expectations. i can't find a better resolution on the original to improve it tho. i uploaded the one i have.
#17 of 22
20th Jul 2010 14:11
Message from asm
"Please take more care in the future to make your posts coherent. That might increase your chances of not sounding like a whiny douche." Heh.
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5th Jul 2010 10:08
Message from Kjeld
I don't see the tournament anywhere... is it still open?
#15 of 22
29th Jun 2010 14:28
Message from weathertop
it worked! i even got a red "disconnected" line right before the 'i have been banned by you' line!
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8th Jun 2010 10:41
Message from Kjeld
I'm pretty sure we've got the Goin' on Walkabout tournament wrapped up. Great job, and a pleasure teaming up with you!
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4th Jun 2010 17:13
Message from RiskyBack
I'm not sure what to tell you in your WG: TG tournament game with BT. Once the cards get that high and you have to place in your deck it's hard to do anything. I can't see the history but in that game from the comments it looks like bad luck really was the cause. Sorry, but you two may have to decide which one of you should surrender.
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24th May 2010 14:23
Message from mjhodges
Doesn't sound good to me - but yeah sure :D haha
#11 of 22
12th May 2010 17:02
Message from Neutral
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9th May 2010 19:48
Message from mjhodges
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9th May 2010 16:49
Message from mjhodges
Hi Vataro - I'll stop attacking you if you stop attacking me :) eagle eye has had +24 units in the last 2 rounds!! We could come up with a strategy?
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23rd Apr 2010 00:47
Message from RiskyBack
How many more games of Gauntlet until you get to Plate Mail Cod Piece as a game name?
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2nd Feb 2010 22:21
Message from Edward Nygma
Do you have a preference in shade of pink?
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17th Jan 2010 14:57
Message from asm
Some kind of science nerd, right? Chem or something along those lines?
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17th Jan 2010 14:11
Message from asm
Dissertations are for nerds!
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17th Jan 2010 01:15
Message from asm
Everything okay, man? You've disappeared lately
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