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The Six Holy Testaments Of Cyan-ide:

1) I hate your stockpiles. Expect me to attack them ridiculously.

2) I'm not scared of bad luck, I'll whoop your butt regardless.

3) I know what you're planning to do before you do it. Your plan is actually my plan, you just don't know it.

4) I'm happy to play like an idiot too, if that's how you want it.

5) I'm already thinking about 3 turns from now. Are you? Quit focusing on this turn and use some foresight.

6) Cry me a river... I love it when you get whiny.

Cyan-ide's Wall

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18th Jun 2011 17:53
Message from rawr
I just miss getting my ass kicked by you :)
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17th Jun 2011 16:09
Message from rawr
Dude - that game you declined doesn't have a rotating card scale. I only invite you to games with the same scale as your favourite board.
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14th Jun 2011 01:01
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Sorry, I've been super busy. Congrats on grabbing #1 on ToS. I didn't think that mark would ever fall.
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16th Mar 2011 00:33
Message from pechin
Join in as soon as you can!
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15th Mar 2011 15:22
Message from pechin
Cyan-ide, plenty of points to be won in my new 10 player game! Come on, join in.
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24th Feb 2011 22:47
Message from Gimli
Awesome profile comments! Lots to respect there! And then there is also another friendly flag on the top10, gotta like that too! Hopefully we'll get into some great battles soon!
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28th Jan 2011 11:31
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Welcome aboard! I actually have the CTF2 port almost done but was worried that people would complain about its size. Maybe I'll revisit it. I was thinking about changing things a bit. First, turning off abandon and second, making the snipers artillery only. What do you think? I can always make two mods I guess.
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1st Dec 2010 01:02
Message from Thrilla
Spoken like a true loser. I especially like your comment about defense. Every meat sim knows that you should leave at least 10 men on every border. Ridiculousness begets ridiculousness, which begets dumbness. . . Agree with you on the Steven department. I still don't like wargear, but at least it doesn't go down for days at a time and has continually broken games. Watch out for the poison.
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