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A/K/A... Agent Orange from Warfish

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14th Aug 2017 03:41
Message from The Cooler
I'm sorry I missed you to. We will team up again... Drop me a line if an opportunity comes up.
#22 of 22
20th Jan 2014 20:30
Message from Cona Chris
Sorry, that's "who", not "you"...
#21 of 22
20th Jan 2014 20:30
Message from Cona Chris
You did you pay off to get Seat #1 in both the Mall of the Dead games that have started? :)
#20 of 22
3rd Dec 2012 17:05
Message from TheChosen
Play anytime!
#19 of 22
31st Oct 2012 00:14
Message from Kjeld
I posted a message in the support forum: http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2792p1
#18 of 22
30th Oct 2012 23:53
Message from Kjeld
Ceggon, I appreciate your comment about the the lack of a viewable history for The Lorax game you played with MordorKnight. However, I have no control over how the history works -- I set all the rules I could in the designer to ensure that there is no fog and that the history should be viewable in full so that players can figure out exactly what happened and when (and even to be able to do this during an active game). If the history is not working properly in this fashion, it is not a problem with the board but a problem with the way that the WarGear site handles the history. I would urge you to make the problem known to Tom so that he can put it on his list of things to fix; hopefully this will improve the play experience for The Lorax and other boards that might be affected as well.
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6th Sep 2012 22:04
Message from The Cooler
Congrats on our victory. Your a great teammate and I look forward to either playing with or against you anytime. Till next time.... :)
#16 of 22
27th Jul 2012 10:35
Message from Ardinos
LOL! I saw that game, #2 is unacceptable:) I can't join a realtime game for that board with 8 players, I'd never be able to stay on long enough to win.
#15 of 22
31st May 2012 22:55
Message from The Cooler
Great job Teammate! I was attempting to leave you the option of going through me to get to our opponents but what you did worked out just as well. It is an interesting board in that you have to be careful not to landlock your partner. In any case, well played and here's to the next round.....
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19th Apr 2012 20:34
Message from cruzado
blue and white are in coop between them, go for south america or russia i only ATACK ON BRAZIL, that's what i can
#13 of 22
3rd Apr 2012 22:52
Message from Paulville
maybe I have too much units!! lol
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19th Jan 2012 21:18
Message from crazyivan2010
i would never do that, i hate that!
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28th Dec 2011 23:09
Message from Mad Bomber
strong player
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7th Dec 2011 12:19
Message from YOSH
Is there a way to boot Hardratta from the Return to Alpha tourney? It's been over 9 days and he hasn't joined the game.
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4th Nov 2011 15:21
Message from Afrikan
ENJOYED THE GAME MATE, you fought me off well!
#8 of 22
28th Oct 2011 13:35
Message from Moris
no probs :)
#7 of 22
28th Oct 2011 01:01
Message from Andrew
Yeah, you're right, I have noticed that too.
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21st Sep 2011 20:01
Message from nullsignal
regarding the connect some board--yeah, it can be rough, and it's always a quick game. you win some, you lose some. it happens. no worries.
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10th Sep 2011 17:01
Message from Nikolai
[responding to your comment on Gimli's wall] Cyanide over on WF is an abomination. Simply bing the last player in a game is definitely MUCH less important than being sportsmanly & having fun (and being funny). I regret that WG still isn't nearly as jovial as WF was in its prime. So it goes.
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23rd Aug 2011 01:25
Message from Gimli
huh, I already marked you as friend before I realized you were Agent Orange... must be a good guy and a good player! :)
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