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Used to play this board game many years ago until my opponent moved to a different part of the country. Not sure how good either of us were, hope to learn some new tricks now :)

My avatar coin is a 6 1/4 stuiver from 1672 minted in Groningen Ommelanden, a province in what is today the Netherlands. I felt it represented me decently. I'm a bit square too. And I'm born in 1972, which is just a 9 on the head away from 1672. The denomination is a bit unusual and so, I like to think, am I. I am a coin collector and this coin is in fact in my collection.

When it was minted the city of Groningen was under siege from the troops of the bishop of Münster and they didn't have access to their regular mint. So it's a coin made under duress. But the city emerged victorious in the end. I hoped this could be a good omen for my site results.

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5th Jan 2018 09:02
Message from momzilla
Your avatar coin is beautiful, Litotes, but you sure don't need a good omen for your gaming results! You are a brilliant player.
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3rd May 2017 23:28
Message from Mad Bomber
This guy is legit
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17th Apr 2017 00:57
Message from Thingol
Litotes is definitely a very welcome addition to the site. A very solid strategic mind and a gentleman. Now, if we could just clone him to expand our community... :)
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17th Mar 2017 22:14
Message from Elgringoloco
Hey nice gaming. If you want to team up on a map create one I vite me and I will join. I let my paid version run outsnd have too many games to create one.
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6th Feb 2017 14:24
Message from Haneul
Extremely incisive when playing, always managing to come up with the best strategies possible! Always open in helping other players and very friendly :)
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