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What do you mean I was gone?

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19th Jan 2015 21:35
Message from asm
You were cool. Ah, memories. Take care.
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17th Mar 2011 10:16
Message from RiskyBack
Hey 11's, tom's new growl turn thing has messed up the turn poller and now I am sad and cry a lot over little things like that my "Everything" Bagel does not have shards of broken glass in it. Glass is under the subset of "Everything", is it not?
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27th Feb 2011 10:40
Message from RiskyBack
Finally 11's Has come back To WarGear!
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15th Oct 2010 13:08
Message from asm
Driving tour, always wanted to do that. Actually, I could say the same for getting a job. Congrats.
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11th Oct 2010 19:03
Message from asm
What happened man. Did we lose you?
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19th Jul 2010 02:22
Message from asm
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14th Jul 2010 14:26
Message from MilesTeg
Yeah. Just a few weeks ago, actually. Pretty cool site. Glad to see you as well. :)
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12th Jul 2010 21:41
Message from RiskyBack
Nothing but respect and admiration ever. I don't think the others know us very well. I didn't take any of what you said personally and didn't mind your ass/door comment in the least. Good luck on Morrowind without killing anything. I had tried several times to get through Super Mario Brothers on the NES without ever hurting a Goomba....why would I want to hurt a Goomba?!
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7th Jul 2010 19:59
Message from RiskyBack
You may or may not know what I am talking about, but I want to thank you for doing the job that I have not had the balls to do myself. You are a credit to the InterWebz!
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25th Jun 2010 10:14
Message from Yertle
Your profile pic is too tall!!!!!
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9th Jun 2010 09:35
Message from Jebulus Maximus
Thanks for the welcome! Yup, I moved over from warfish. Do I know you? I'm still getting the hang of the wargear site...
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11th May 2010 15:06
Message from asm
Dude, why'd you get booted from the KotM Rev game? I don't recall ever having 2 days between turns... http://www.wargear.net/games/view/16238
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11th May 2010 12:46
Message from RiskyBack
I just want to say that your combination of being the Wise Coding Sage of Wargear along with being the Snarkiest person on the forums is truly an accomplishment. You, my friend, are a talented pain in the Arse!
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7th May 2010 02:25
Message from asm
That is NOT the most brilliant thing on the internet. Far from it.
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30th Apr 2010 22:35
Message from CiscoKid
Missed your updated, gemme the game :-)
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29th Apr 2010 20:41
Message from Doom
Well I got the message. Why so sad?
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16th Apr 2010 01:43
Message from Dud
I was reading threads tonight (fully entertaining) and I see you mentioned a site for A&A. Could you give me the site?
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31st Mar 2010 09:20
Message from Cramchakle
rake beating incoming
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22nd Mar 2010 04:25
Message from StepOnMe
haha...I wouldn't go quite so far as to say I'm a legend. I just managed to meet & make friends with several great players on Warfish. Thanks for the welcome, by the way. From what I've seen around this site, you're a pretty active player. Looking forward to a game or two if not more. :)
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29th Jan 2010 16:17
Message from Yertle
Thanks map compliment, been busy...or not been busy one of the two :P. I definitely agree with your post on the Change Log thread today too.
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