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6th Dec 2013 21:25
Message from ogg
Like the profile picture.
#17 of 17
22nd Sep 2013 21:37
Message from FurBabe
LOVE your profile picture. Bloody brilliant!
#16 of 17
25th Jul 2013 20:20
Message from Dud
I like your profile pic...
#15 of 17
2nd May 2013 21:12
Message from Patton
Hey Candy, I must apologize, I didn't see your note about wanting to play with Farm Wife in the tourney. I feel bad, sorry.
#14 of 17
28th Jun 2012 18:40
Message from BillyBoy
Got time?
#13 of 17
28th Jun 2012 17:51
Message from BillyBoy
Possibly. I probably will not last long but it would be fun all the same.
#12 of 17
25th Jun 2012 23:13
Message from BillyBoy
I am going to be off and on for the next couple of hours and then back again first thing in the morning if you are interested in picking up where we left off. Set up a game and I will be there.
#11 of 17
25th Jun 2012 10:08
Message from BillyBoy
Rematch again? I am eager for another one sided game and a very good conversation.
#10 of 17
26th May 2012 16:02
Message from bmasera
Nice pic you sent me Candy Cane, but that brute looks a might more handsome then I was imagining our gorilla (problem) to look ;-)
#9 of 17
24th May 2012 00:22
Message from Vult
Total fog is fine with me. I checked the logs, and I only beat you on turn 3. Every other turn was a tie or your lead.
#8 of 17
18th May 2012 01:24
Message from Vult
I am always willing to play. I am just making an observation about that board. I am willing to risk the coin-flip.
#7 of 17
17th May 2012 02:24
Message from Vult
After watching the replay, it looked like there was only one turn that I out produced you. The first player is really hard to beat on that map. GG
#6 of 17
18th Apr 2012 23:24
Message from CiscoKid
Your avatar is a riot! Posted from the State of Californication
#5 of 17
11th Apr 2012 01:21
Message from Dodes
I will truce with u in S and Central America till we get rid of blue - let me know.
#4 of 17
1st Apr 2012 09:20
Message from Cona Chris
Congratulations on the tournament win! Nice job!
#3 of 17
13th Mar 2012 17:38
Message from norlingk
Great pic!
#2 of 17
12th Mar 2012 11:28
Message from BorisTheFrugal
That profile pic is awesome.
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