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15 Sep 2012
Reviewed by Hugh  Perfect
I like duels, so I only play the 1v1 duel scenario. This is the best dice-based dueling board on the site.

Now, it has a learning curve, it is Simulgear, and you've gotta be willing to put in some effort. This is a game of informational warfare with Poker-like elements. Watching the history is essential to skillful play!

But, what there is to learn is not too bad: Sabers attack Purple. Purple attacks Blue. Blue attacks all. Red attacks the Sabers. Red attacks the Sabers more effectively than Blue, but someone might still attack the Saber from Blue! Lastly, Purple gives a +1 continent bonus.

What is the psychology of a typical game like? Initially, both players stake out some ground by taking Purples. Once your opponent takes a Blue, the pressure is on. Did he put a huge army there? Is he trying to knock your Saber out early or trying to get you to defend your Saber so he can gobble up Purples? Once he takes a Red, you've really got to worry about your Saber. But maybe he'll think you're going to defend it and decide not to attack, so you can get away with gobbling Purples. How seriously is he defending his own Purples? How many units does he have in different spots? (Remember, the history reveals much about your opponent's position when you attack him!)

In spite of the simplicity, there are several maneuvers you and your opponents can try that leads to a rich, complex, and exciting game that leaves you guessing at every turn.
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3 May 2011
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Superb
I've only played the 4 player version a few times so far.

It takes a little getting used to since at first it's tricky to figure out how to see things connect, but this board is very enjoyable and lends itself several succesful winning strategies.

You're not out of the game if you lose your saber, either. You don't want to lose it, but it's possible all isn't lost should you find yourself in that scenario if you have enough bonuses elsewhere.

Only bad point is like what others have said before me, the coloring of the circles can leave it a little hard to see who owns what sometimes.
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22 Apr 2011
Reviewed by Mongrel  Great
A bit all over the place for my tastes, but I appreciate how well it does what it does. Echo BD's similar colors complaint.
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25 Jan 2011
Reviewed by BlackDog  Superb
This was the best 1v1 Simultaneous game on Warfish, and the port here has generally improved the graphics while leaving the great gameplay intact. I have some trouble making out who owns what territory with the similar colors and colored borders.

I'm not sure yet what I think about the attack after reinforcement rule, it seems to lend itself to blitz strategies, while I always thought of the map as more of a submission game.
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11 Dec 2010
Reviewed by Paulville  Good
A little tricky to understand!!
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7 Dec 2010
Reviewed by Skye  Perfect
Perfect rendition of a SimulGear board. Works beautifully for its purpose and allows several different strategies (as Yertle mentioned). I've not had a boring match on this board yet!
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5 Dec 2010
Reviewed by JinRho  Poor
nje soso
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17 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Gooden  Average
At first a little weird but then it gets easier
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17 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Seige07  Perfect
Amazing introduction to SimulGear. Lots of in depth strategies and play styles that work for this board. Very well balanced and a lot of fun to play.
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9 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Yertle  Perfect
Perfect! Pretty quick to learn SimulGear board, but difficult to master and provides numerous different strategies for such a quick small board. Graphics look great as well (some player colors may be a bit tougher to see than others, so pay attention!).

Protect your saber! "This weapon is your life."
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