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10 Jun 2022
Reviewed by Abraham the Mage  Perfect
Love this board so much. Great map in every way.
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22 Oct 2021
Reviewed by Guderian65  Perfect
One of the best boards on WarGear!
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3 Jun 2021
Reviewed by Pratik  Perfect
One of the best boards on WarGear!
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8 Apr 2021
Reviewed by thinkpol  Great
Good board, I really like the way terrain features into it.
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1 Oct 2020
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Perfect
Awesome historical board. Love all the different elements: Rivers, Cities, Mountains, States, Squadrons. Kinda wish the border states and the Union chunks were broken down a little smaller as it tends to drive the battle towards the south and somewhat west.
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31 Jul 2020
Reviewed by The Mountain  Superb
great board and fun for big games
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29 Jun 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Perfect
Loved this board. I keep playing it over and over. I hope someone starts a tournament on it soon.
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24 May 2020
Reviewed by Caeser  Superb
One of my favourite boards.
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Great
This is a very large board. I mention this because you don't want to be in too many of these games if you have to make a lot of turns to make. It requires more attention then the average map does. But an epic and iconic map on this site.
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19 Jan 2020
Reviewed by n0r  Perfect
Awesome board this one.
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3 Jul 2019
Reviewed by The Rev Dr Rob  Perfect
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27 May 2019
Reviewed by totti  Perfect
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14 Apr 2019
Reviewed by SillyBastard  Superb
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9 Apr 2019
Reviewed by Darkken  Superb
Great, well laid out map.
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27 Mar 2019
Reviewed by Lock Step  Superb
Love it. This is my go to board. About the time you figure it out it gets you.
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23 Jan 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Average
I keep on trying to get fun every time i try to play this map, but all the time its just the same old stuff i've gotten. It's quite hard for me to actually enjoy the board unlike many others.
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11 Jan 2019
Reviewed by JimBourdy  Good
It’s a good time
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11 Dec 2018
Reviewed by Cooley  Superb
Favourite board on WarGear so far. The ability to transfer units mid turn and to any connecting regions makes things a bit more fun and interesting.
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18 Oct 2018
Reviewed by KhufuYouMan  Superb
I love the way that the geography plays into the strategy of your game as well as the combination of city concentration in the East and open space in the West.
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21 Sep 2018
Reviewed by RonMexico  Great
The board is large, so no quick games. It has several nooks for users in big FFA to settle into
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