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14 Feb 2024
Reviewed by Mivkey  Superb
I really enjoy this board, but I still can't figure out how to be consistently competitive. Great board.
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12 Nov 2023
Reviewed by fullTimeMaleModal  Perfect
really enjoy this game and the ability to go back and forth on attack and fortify.
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31 Mar 2023
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Superb
I think i have been too harsh on this board in the past.

There are a few differences from this map that require a completely different mindset, most notably the fact you can return to both Unit Placement and Attacking. This warps your strategy in regards of what should be an immediate priority.

Even though this map is ridiculously large, its surprisingly good for 1v1 duels, having a better seat 2 winning factor than most of the classic boards, with the rate being a bit lower if not similar to Wargear Warfare.

But the real winner with this board is with large games, its fantastic for what it does. There are too many posibilities to build, expand and conquer, the natural terrain adds yet another element of preparation, cities adding individual bonuses also brings situational awareness to the table, etc.

My only negative point is that some of the state continents feel underpowered because most of the time the army units come from territory count & cities anyway. Regardless, its an outstanding board.
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21 Feb 2023
Reviewed by aj1250  Perfect
this is the best map
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4 Jan 2023
Reviewed by artie9111  Perfect
Just perfect!!
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10 Jun 2022
Reviewed by Abraham the Mage  Perfect
Love this board so much. Great map in every way.
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22 Oct 2021
Reviewed by Guderian65  Perfect
One of the best boards on WarGear!
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3 Jun 2021
Reviewed by Pratik  Perfect
One of the best boards on WarGear!
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8 Apr 2021
Reviewed by thinkpol  Great
Good board, I really like the way terrain features into it.
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1 Oct 2020
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Perfect
Awesome historical board. Love all the different elements: Rivers, Cities, Mountains, States, Squadrons. Kinda wish the border states and the Union chunks were broken down a little smaller as it tends to drive the battle towards the south and somewhat west.
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31 Jul 2020
Reviewed by The Mountain  Superb
great board and fun for big games
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29 Jun 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Perfect
Loved this board. I keep playing it over and over. I hope someone starts a tournament on it soon.
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24 May 2020
Reviewed by Caeser  Superb
One of my favourite boards.
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Great
This is a very large board. I mention this because you don't want to be in too many of these games if you have to make a lot of turns to make. It requires more attention then the average map does. But an epic and iconic map on this site.
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19 Jan 2020
Reviewed by n0r  Perfect
Awesome board this one.
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3 Jul 2019
Reviewed by The Rev Dr Rob  Perfect
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27 May 2019
Reviewed by totti  Perfect
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14 Apr 2019
Reviewed by SillyBastard  Superb
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9 Apr 2019
Reviewed by Darkken  Superb
Great, well laid out map.
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27 Mar 2019
Reviewed by Lock Step  Superb
Love it. This is my go to board. About the time you figure it out it gets you.
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