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Stuff You Can Do

  • If you are a map maker try adding one of your boards to complete board list.
  • Even if you are not a map maker, maybe add a board for someone that is no longer active on WarGear.
  • In either case, try out the default template for board pages, and help improve it.
  • Add a brief biography of yourself to the WarGear Personalities.

"Wiki Work" - Home Base in the Forums

If you take it upon yourself to make any substantial contributions to the wiki, are looking for some help, or just have questions, please post it to this forum link. It is much more likely to be seen in a timely fashion.

Other Forum Threads

These forum threads have useful information in them, and need a home on the wiki. First step is finding the right place on the wiki for that information. Once you have that, remove the link from this list, and move it to the appropriate place on the wiki. If time allows, add a summary of the most important information in the thread.

Please add more threads here that you think were good forum discussions

Other Work

  • Migrate Tutorials from main site.
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