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Cards are an optional component used by the board designer to introduce an additional element of luck into the game. Cards are a useful way of allowing players to get back into the game against dominant opponents or to help force an end to the game in a stalemate situation.

Different boards can use different Rules to affect how the cards function. For some boards cards may even be disabled completely.

Card Escalation

Card sets may be worth different amounts depending on the current value in the card escalation. Typical escalation values could be 4,6,8,10,12,14… which means the first card set traded is worth 4 units, the second 6 units etc. Similarly the card set could reset after a certain number of values, for example 4,6,8,10,4,6,8,10. You can see the current value of a card set by looking at the Cards tab on the boards page or in the Cards tab of the Player.

Card Sets

You can choose to 'Trade' your cards whenever you get either 3 cards of the same type, 3 cards all of a different type or when you have at least 3 cards and one is a wildcard.

How to trade cards

Click on the 'Cards' tab in the Player. Select the three cards you would like to trade and click on 'Trade Cards'. The number of units shown in the card value will be added to your reserves.

When to trade cards?

You can only trade cards when it is your turn. In most situations you would trade your cards at the start of your turn before placing your units. However, in the following situations you can trade cards at other times:

  1. If a board has “return to placement” as “on” then you can always trade in at any point by going back to placement phase..
  2. If you eliminate someone then the following considerations:
    1. If “card capture” is “on”, and you now have equal or greater than the “max number of cards allowed”, then you will be forced to trade in to get under that amount and you can also trade in additional sets at the time.
    2. If there is an “elimination bonus” or “capturing of reserves” is “on” and you captured some reserves, then you will gain some units. If “reserves” are “off”, or if your total reserve now exceeds the “maximum reserves”, then you will be forced back into the placement phase and will have to place enough units to get under the reserve and you will also have an opportunity to trade cards.
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