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Risk is 60% strategy, 20% luck and 20% diplomacy. Since I am superior in strategy, I can use only 10% diplomacy ;)

Border rules:

I place the very same amount of troops than you: truce, i will not attack.

The thing I hate de most: having a wild and be forced to trade it because of ABABW. Damn!!!

Even worst: WWA!!! when you gotta cash, you gotta.


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24th Aug 2016 21:21
Dommage tu joue plus je pourra pas montrer qui es le meilleur quebequois lol
#11 of 11
14th Nov 2013 22:52
Message from ActionRaccoon
In regards to the game "underworld attack" Kancercakes has gotten control of 3 continets. We must join together or die.
#10 of 11
13th Feb 2013 22:27
Message from Dud
You stud! Sorry I won't be hanging too long to come after you. I have been trying to wean me off the site for a few months now, just waiting for a couple of games to end.....Good Job!
#9 of 11
14th Dec 2010 10:06
Message from Toto
Congrats for the flag. Vive le Québec libre.
#8 of 11
8th Dec 2010 11:04
Message from Dud
I don't think our race to 3000 got us anywhere....
#7 of 11
19th Nov 2010 23:53
Message from zdisabled_7e11a34b
that big game put me above you and dud by a combined 33; very close battle for second.
#6 of 11
14th Jun 2010 14:30
Message from Dud
Alright, first to 3000! Let me know where to send the beer....
#5 of 11
13th Jun 2010 15:18
Message from asm
Wow. Well done, man. You came outta nowhere and shot right up to the top. Congrats!
#4 of 11
8th Jun 2010 23:34
Message from captnmorgan123
congrats on the number 1 slot!
#3 of 11
26th May 2010 17:05
Message from Capitaine
Tes rendu violent a ste jeux la paul =)
#2 of 11
17th May 2010 21:34
Message from asm
ARGH! You passed me on Battle USA. Well done. Now I'll have to play a few more games!
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