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7th Jul 2011 17:06
Message from dredor
ok...seriously what is it with you and taco bell hot sauce?
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23rd May 2011 16:13
Message from Amidon37
You sure? I just tested with a private game on Large Original and got 1v0.
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23rd May 2011 15:16
Message from Amidon37
Thanks for letting me know again - and again, my apologies for goofing it up. The 500 issue is fixed (hopefully) -
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23rd May 2011 12:45
Message from Amidon37
Blah on me. It's fixed.
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16th May 2011 14:40
Message from Amidon37
I forgot (or did something wrong) in putting those in. They are there now - if it is not showing up in your game then use the standard surrender option.
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23rd Apr 2011 19:08
Message from Rasputin
Well of coures Tree of Death, the new men and castles or whatever it is board haha, bowling, arm wrestling, backgammon, all the marios, colossal crusade, astrogear 2120 or sumtin like that, hmm what else ohh, my big one wargear: the gathering, cumberdales bomb fact., resistance, i think thats about it
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22nd Apr 2011 19:56
Message from Rasputin
Hey bud good playing with you in all these games lately, you're a tough sob but you also know how to play the game correctly and skillfully, looking forward to more combat with and against you
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23rd Feb 2011 02:32
Message from Kjeld
For future reference, there's an option to vote to terminate games -- that way no one's ranking scores are affected. I would have gladly terminated had I been apprised of the situation.
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