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Rating distribution for floorcheese


Tue 23rd Oct 02:00
Random Mazes rated  Great
This one is just plain fun. One of these days I may even win a game...
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Tue 23rd Oct 02:00
Pipeline rated  Great
Not sure why I find this board so compelling. The design seems to suit a lot of player interaction in different sections of the board. Unfortunately, random starting positions can put people on a number of troop-generating spots to start off, while others have virtually nothing. It might be cooler if the stations were all neutral to start.
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Fri 27th Jul 02:38
It's like King of the Mountain -- with lots of mountains! Actually, I'm kind of a fan of this board. I'll be playing it again, for sure.
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Fri 22nd Jun 12:40
Pirates of Pangea rated  Average
Maybe I'm just a weenie, but big open board spaces are kind of boring to me. Not a compelling map, but the graphics are fairly well executed.
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Mon 18th Jun 19:01
Civil War rated  Perfect
This may be my favorite map on the website. Lots of nooks and crannies and places to build up. Many different possible strategies to win. There is a bit of an East Coast Bias ;-), but that's coming from a West Coast boy. It makes historical sense, though, to have a lot going on where, you know, the Civil War was actually fought. But still -- show us pioneers some love! OK, I'm done. Great board!
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Mon 18th Jun 18:50
Wargate Atlantis rated  Great
At first it was kind of hard to see what attacked what, since borders are essentially non-existant. But when you use the board explorer and use the map to your advantage, it starts to make some sense. Fun map!
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Sun 17th Jun 15:22
Sleestaktica rated  Good
Not a compelling map. The split continents and the small size and the lack of... I don't know what combine to make this just another map for me.
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Thu 14th Jun 11:19
Castles rated  Great
An easy to read map, with a straightforward take on game play. The usual strategies don't necessarily work, though, and that increases the intrigue. I'll be playing this one again.
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Thu 14th Jun 11:16
Pangaea rated  Average
The only way to get bonuses is to hold hard-to-defend single territories. Not really my cup of tea.
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Thu 14th Jun 11:15
An interesting mix of hordes and continents. Not sure how I felt about it, but maybe that's just my loser's pouting coming out. Also not really my style of map. (Too small.)
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Thu 14th Jun 11:11
Pang Age rated  Great
A lot of advanced features interwoven into the board without making it too complex -- a great introduction to hordes and border modifiers. Not bad for a smaller board.
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Thu 24th May 03:03
Mobs of New York rated  Great
A really good board. Well-designed, easy to interpret. I'm sure I'll play it again. (Even though I don't like it right now because I lost my first game...)
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Mon 7th May 16:13
Manifest Destiny rated  Good
I think I'll stick with larger boards, but that's more a matter of taste. The colors can be really difficult to differentiate on this board, and bridges, rivers and mountains can be hard to see (others have said this, I know). I might play this again with a small number of friends.
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Thu 3rd May 17:46
Europe 1560 rated  Good
The player colors are actually kind of hard to see, though artistically the map is pretty. It's basically a bunch of somewhat-defensible areas on the outskirts of the map and a giant indefensible field in the middle. Most of the battling seems to take place on the edge. Not sure how I feel about that, but it takes a little bit of getting used to.
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Sun 15th Apr 03:41
Colossal Crusade rated  Superb
May be my favorite board so far! I like how it extends the regular Risk play. Lots of fun!
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