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new yorker who comes here via WarFish

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3rd Mar 2014 10:15
Message from Scipio
Always enjoy playing with you....GG
#28 of 28
25th Feb 2014 11:18
Message from Master Chief
Hey WarGirl, keep beating each other up while I build up my position please. Your Sincerely, Master Chief
#27 of 28
22nd Feb 2014 08:43
Message from Scipio
Hey Wargirl, We going to continue to beat each other up while MasterChief builds up his position? Well played BTW...
#26 of 28
6th Feb 2014 17:50
Message from JoeSmoove
i owe you join one of my world war games
#25 of 28
5th Feb 2014 17:43
Message from gazz
your turn,hope u play,GL
#24 of 28
9th Aug 2013 08:20
Message from TheChineseTankMan
lol-meh, your settings won't allow friendship. Oh well. Later :)
#23 of 28
8th Mar 2013 00:12
Message from gazz
#22 of 28
8th Mar 2013 00:11
Message from gazz
hi WarGirl,think Moose gettin 2 strong,in our game,lol,wht u think?
#21 of 28
24th Feb 2013 20:40
Message from warchick
Yep, its a mans world. Lots of rude messages though some are fun.
#20 of 28
18th Feb 2013 13:23
Message from warchick
Nice name for you too! I had my real pic up as a profile picture but guys kept harassing me asking me for better pics if they let me win. Crazy.
#19 of 28
20th Oct 2012 01:34
Message from gazz
lets get the green bastard on our team game,ok?lol not sure if u familiar with trailer park boy's,lol but they shoot horse'es don't they?
#18 of 28
5th Oct 2012 01:21
Message from KillDawg
I dig the avatar, don't see you around as much as I used to... that may be a good thing becuase I think my wins over losses against you are something close to 1 to 10!
#17 of 28
1st Oct 2012 21:35
Message from jenkinswoody
Thanks- I think that we have a mutual dislike of idiots ;)
#16 of 28
1st May 2012 02:13
Message from CiscoKid
BoSox's Forever :-)
#15 of 28
4th Mar 2012 20:42
Message from gazz
wanna join 3 fast walk??
#14 of 28
17th Oct 2011 19:35
Message from Toast
Thanks Wargirl, Euro War was fun. You can be my team mate anytime
#13 of 28
30th Jul 2011 21:13
Message from digitalmcq
Southwest. I meant truce in the Southwest.
#12 of 28
30th Jul 2011 21:11
Message from digitalmcq
Hi Wargirl, I'm in the Genius of Love II game with you. We've been trading territories back and forth for a few turns, and as we've done so rcnick and Pity the Fool have been carving up the rest of the board, so I wanted to offer you a truce in the Southeast. If you don't try to take Madrid or the Barbary States (right to the South of Spain), then I won't try to stop you from taking Spain (minus Madrid, but you'll still get the 7 army bonus). If you accept, I'll switch my focus to Italy and the Muscovite Dominion in the Northeast. Let me know what you think. Best, Jim (digitalmcq)
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23rd Jul 2011 23:36
Message from gazz
wanna join game 4 global ??
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18th Apr 2011 22:37
Message from SpyYoshiRv
Wargirl! you are in that game bthtbth. i sawed you.
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