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17th May 2010 18:20
Message from Charles Khan
Did you get an answer from Tom ? Will we rewind and get back to my turn that got skipped ? Because, now, its my turn and I don't have any units to place even if I have two «continents»...
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13th May 2010 20:28
Message from Charles Khan
Who will be king ? So...would you like me to wait ? Did Oatworm played ?
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10th Apr 2010 05:38
Message from Toaster
There once was a Tiger named Bengal who's opponents he did like to mangle. Until a Toaster he did meet, who was a terrible hassle to beat. And now he knows with whom not to tangle.
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10th Mar 2010 07:28
Message from Kjeld
Thanks for pointing out the continent error on Hordes of Africa -- Yertle was kind enough to fix it, so it should work as intended now!
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9th Feb 2010 17:40
Message from asm
I can't get over how good at this you are. By just about every measure. Did you know that you average almost 1 elimination per game, across all game sizes? That's incredible.
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10th Jan 2010 01:08
Message from RiskyBack
Thanks for trying out Duck Hunt. Keep at it. It is a really fun map and I hope it becomes something that catches on. The style of play hasn't ever been available before and I think I came up with a good way of using it. If it weren't for the fact that I was so impressed with myself that I wanted to brag to the other map makers, you would have totally been in on the testing. You are great for that and you are going to be in on my test games, whether the ideas work or not. Episode II coming soon!!!
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9th Dec 2009 03:12
Message from zachattack
get my message?
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2nd Dec 2009 16:01
Message from Cramchakle
Thanks for the heads up. Over 100 games played on that map now, and you're the first to mention it. I've submitted a fix. Hopefully you'll see it in effect soon.
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