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Rating distribution for Quazimoto


Tue 16th Jun 20:01
Electoral College rated  Superb
Good board, simple but can be challenging.
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Tue 9th Dec 17:57
Quzar rated  Good
More of a defensive board. Disadvantage is the length of time a game can take. Advantage could be, if you are not an aggressive player and like to sit back and take their time, this board can be a very good one. Not much strategy though.
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Fri 16th May 22:22
Risk of Thrones rated  Superb
Challenging if you don't watch where you need to go. I like the design.
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Sat 16th Nov 23:43
Infection rated  Superb
You need to pay attention to the bonus areas, which makes the play more interesting. Especially with a simple board, such as this one.
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Sat 20th Jul 01:13
1790 rated  Good
Easy to play.
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Sun 5th May 16:03
Britain of Old rated  Good
good board, though the dice have a great deal to how the game goes on this board, especially 1 vs 1.
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Tue 12th Feb 20:25
HexGear rated  Superb
It plays very well, though once you have the disadvantage you are pretty much finished, that is unless it is equal. The minus bonuses can make a big difference if you are not aware of this. I think it should be more difficult to obtain the single areas that jump from one side of the board to the other. Overall though an excellent board to play in my opinion.
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Fri 1st Feb 18:43
King of the Mountains rated  Superb
Even if you do not realize it, there is a strategy to this board. You have to look at different aspects of it to play it well. Good board.
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Fri 7th Dec 22:48
War rated  Good
Very straight forward, no real strategy but pleasant to play.
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Wed 10th Oct 22:39
Global Warfare rated  Good
not bad, classic but good
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Sat 21st Apr 22:22
New Earth rated  Perfect
Fun board, good bonus structure to allow for strategic strikes. Not just a slug fest, rather you need to use logic. Plays very well, map and structure unique.
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Wed 14th Mar 17:47
Total WarGear II rated  Great
You have to read how things run, but overall a good board. I like the changes to it with the oil, gold and space shuttle.
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Fri 9th Dec 17:36
The French Resistance rated  Great
Very good board.
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Sun 6th Nov 15:01
World War rated  Superb
As good or better than most other boards. I enjoy this map.
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Tue 28th Jun 23:37
Millennium Falcon rated  Perfect
No complaints at all.
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Thu 9th Jun 13:38
Antastic! rated  Perfect
I like the set up and how you have to think through your moves. More like chess. Excellent job with the set up and neutral armies, which would not be as good if you did not include those armies.
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Fri 18th Mar 11:41
Micro Mission rated  Superb
Enjoyed it, miniature and still challenging. Not just a hit and run game.
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Mon 13th Sep 01:30
WarGear Warfare rated  Superb
I like the way it plays. One mess up and you can be gone.
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Sun 29th Aug 07:24
Romanian Rumble rated  Average
If you want a game to just play and not worry about much, this is a good one to play.
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