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26th Sep 2019 16:47
Message from Aiken Drumn
Hey, are you seeing my messages dude?
#18 of 18
29th May 2014 15:42
Message from GetMoneyEaster
Hey can you join my 4 man game. It's called GoHard
#17 of 18
12th Nov 2013 06:54
Message from Teamster
¡Enhorabuena! Espèro que te guste el trofeo.
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14th Aug 2013 22:25
Message from bobnonsense
jokers wild, nonaggression pact in austrailia?
#15 of 18
10th Jul 2013 14:43
Message from Gun-Ho
Need help against risk taker. Are is he to strong to attack in Europe.
#14 of 18
1st Jul 2013 23:10
Message from Gun-Ho
Need help against pink.
#13 of 18
12th Jun 2013 04:30
Message from multiplasma
I'm cheap - I don't have a "premier" membership - I did post on your wall when you asked for tactics - be it was it is - stay strong in the Americas.
#12 of 18
10th Jun 2013 18:17
Message from multiplasma
Lev, have you got anything in mind? I'm willing to do whatever I can.
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7th Jun 2013 18:04
Message from multiplasma
Lev, I got chased out of Europe - if you can spare 2 reinforcements I can re-establish in Central Russia. Red is probably heading into Canada. Right now I say build up defenses.
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5th Jun 2013 18:32
Message from multiplasma
Do you mind if I call you Lev? You got a good strong hold in Central and South America - I reinforced two of your countries. Take one area at time figure. Central looks good to control. I got involved in Europe. But I'm staying in England for now. I may make a move in Siberia next turn. Just to make my presence known. At this point I say move slow and take Central - hold still in South America until the next turn. Good luck!
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7th May 2013 14:30
Message from renjason
FYI: For the starcraft games, you can't use the comsat as a way to attack enemy bases. And it does not count as a building (capital) when you are trying to eliminate someone.
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11th Oct 2012 03:50
Message from berickf
Hey there. In the game http://www.wargear.net/games/player/194002, if we don't at least try and break Solea's bonuses, we will surely lose. I tried and failed. I didn't think I needed to tell you, as it's pretty obvious, so I was shocked when I saw that you didn't even try when your turn came around. I think it's probably too late now, but, in the event that either of us are going to win that game, we'd better get our strategies in line with neutralizing Solea's advantage as quickly as we can!
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16th May 2012 11:12
Message from zdisabled36
It doesn't matter if you stall. You're still going to lose.
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19th Mar 2012 17:41
Message from gazz
hi Levowsky,u gonna play??
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3rd Feb 2012 14:10
Message from avenged7x
i like to play fast pace games let me know if youd like to play
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3rd Feb 2012 13:32
Message from timmy888
careful bro, both netherland accounts, both formed today
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4th May 2011 00:42
Message from Scipio
abby someone....
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30th Aug 2010 01:32
Message from norlingk
What hump?
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