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30th Nov 2015 20:14
Message from Edward Nygma
Your maps always look so good. An it's apparent that it's your art. Kudos.
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7th Apr 2012 21:09
Message from The Cooler
Hello Johnny Yuma. I have loved and played a number of your great boards on Warfish (for all intents and purposes a defunct site) and wondered if you will resubmit them here. Specifically Gettysburg and Rosko Classic. Thanks Joseph
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7th Dec 2011 19:06
Message from Wonder Woman
Any chance of designing these boards on Wargear as you had on Warfish??? (PEGO Island, ROSKO! Classic, VÍKINGR - Classic)
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5th Jun 2011 20:11
Message from Mad Bomber
strong map master
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3rd Jun 2011 09:44
Message from M57
Wow.. I just noticed that you are here on WG! I'm a huge fan of your work and looking forward to seeing your boards here. Really, I'm even more interested to see what you come up with given the designer options that WG has to offer.
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19th May 2011 11:28
Message from Edward Nygma
You are an impressive designer... I just resort to "borrowing" graphics, and hoping I can throw a board together with them. I'm on a roll this week though. I was going to do pangea, but I couldn't get inspired.
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19th May 2011 10:44
Message from Edward Nygma
Hey, you made the island right? Any chance we'll see that over here? Love your maps. I'd love to know where you got the Island graphics, and if you made them from scratch, I'm very impressed.
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12th Apr 2011 11:59
Message from Yertle
Heya Johnny, I thought you may be interested in this board design competition, http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/1502p1/First_Vote_for_Map_Making_CollectiveCompetition ? Competition is 2 months to have a Pangea themed board through Dev and ready to be voted on and put together in a collection. tom's thrown in a $100 prize as well. Hope all is well and hope you can perhaps make the competition! =Yertle
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13th Dec 2010 23:53
Message from RiskyBack
Hey Johnny Yuma! I would really really like to see your Viking Map over here. It was one of my favorite maps.
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1st Dec 2010 12:43
Message from Yertle
Good to see you here more often! Hope to see your awesome board designs make it here too! More tools and toys to play with here, so toss out any questions you come across! Happy Gearin'!
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12th Dec 2009 17:22
Message from asm
Welcome to WarGear Johnny Yuma! Hope you stick around, we're all glad to have you.
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