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Edward Nygma and Ozyman have been releasing some cool boards lately, I'd go check them out!

I've played a lot of antastic 1v1 tourneys... think i am gonna stop joining them. some great battles, but they eat up a lot of time, and can't get into as many of the cool boards that are out there. Lots of awesome creativity by this community!

This is funny:
"Congratulations, you've won http://www.wargear.net/games/player/32805

This game took 1 day 7 hours 2 minutes 13 seconds to finish and you took 1 turns.

You eliminated 3 players."

My favourite tourney on any site is the Round Robin, Antastic 1vs1 with highest level of fog! So much fun!

For my own records: peak: 2nd Gimli 4toruneys 1763t score 2/24/11
4th Gimli 2330overall score

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9th Jun 2010 16:15
Message from wurzel133
So we've been having a nice friendly exchange... I don't respond well to people who lie, start name calling, make false accusations and don't back up anything. I've challenged him repeatedly to put this proof he says exists on his profile since he accuses me of "deleting proof". That's been over a week ago... I think that pretty much closes the case. But he does get props for leaving up all the comments. so if it closes the case why are you still spamming me with your bullshit and lies without any proof of my lies? I have only ever responded to your abuse which you admitted to so i agree case closed
#43 of 143
9th Jun 2010 16:13
Message from wurzel133
now calm down little boy and crawl back into your hole and be quiet i am still waiting and you are still posting abuse what a sad loser you are ginli
#42 of 143
9th Jun 2010 12:46
Message from wurzel133
or if you cant perhaps you could apologise and shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#41 of 143
9th Jun 2010 12:45
Message from wurzel133
gimpi you cant make your fantasy world fit the facts show me 1 post where i said i will end this and i will apologies and never post here again PROOF PLEASE
#40 of 143
8th Jun 2010 21:00
Message from wurzel133
i have just read everything down below gimpi cant see where i said anything about ending this yet again more of your bullshit?
#39 of 143
8th Jun 2010 13:06
Message from wurzel133
as i said gimpi i cant be bothered to look it all up again i know who is right and its not you i have pandered to your stupidity enough now you bore me with your bullshit and rudeness like i have said many times before gimpi people like you think they are clever but fall at the final hurdle
#38 of 143
7th Jun 2010 02:23
Message from wurzel133
here we go again gimpi more lies when have i ever said i will end this?
#37 of 143
7th Jun 2010 00:53
Message from Mongrel
Ha, no fanning of flames from me.
#36 of 143
6th Jun 2010 13:23
Message from wurzel133
sorry gimpi yet again you make yourself look silly please now be quiet you really are boring. But i do agree you make a lot of errors now try admiting them like a grown up
#35 of 143
3rd Jun 2010 06:01
Message from wurzel133
i think this is howing you as the classless person you are gimli everyone can see how you react now
#34 of 143
2nd Jun 2010 09:07
Message from wurzel133
hardly riled up gimpi
#33 of 143
31st May 2010 23:36
Message from RiskyBack
The question has now been officially answered: If you take a Major American City, give them a crappy football team, a crappy basketball team and 2 crappy baseball teams, we will in fact jump on the Hockey bandwagon quicker than you can say "Standing on his Head!"
#32 of 143
31st May 2010 20:54
Message from wurzel133
come on gimpi you arent doing very well are you clutching at straws now so sad
#31 of 143
31st May 2010 16:21
Message from wurzel133
come on ginli get a grip boy where is this apology???? You Have now lost all grip on reality ranting as you do on my wall but when i present you with cold hard facts you delete them please now stop have you no shame doesnt you stupidity embarrass you have you no self esteem or pride
#30 of 143
31st May 2010 05:10
Message from wurzel133
ginli why should i bother reposting you just delete there really is no point please stop now you look stupid enough as it is
#29 of 143
30th May 2010 13:32
Message from wurzel133
Gimpi why you keep on about proof every time i give you proof you delete so what is the point???? like i have said before you are spoilt child who when he hears something he doesnt like he deletes what a sad individual you are please please be quiet now you are boring showing yourself up
#28 of 143
30th May 2010 00:21
Message from wurzel133
ginli the quicker u take ur goes the quicker it ends stop being a baby. this gimli is the cause of all your troubles read it again and please try and justify the response you gave his is where you 1st started going slow but it is a statement of fact the quicker YOU go the quicker the game ends AND IF YOU HAD CHECKED AT THIS POINT YOU WOULD OF SEEN I HAD VOTED TO END BUT WITHDREW AFTER YOU ABUSE SO WHO HAS NO CLASS GIMLI ???????????/ YOU I THINK!!!!!!
#27 of 143
29th May 2010 10:49
Message from wurzel133
gimpi i have never lied at all yuo on the other hand cannot say the same and as i posted below in post 8 you were the 1 that showed no class with this post it was you that started the abuse as you can read below i dont lack the class to swear at you while your abuse on my wall is full of profanities that shows a true lack of class gimpi but i expect no less from a silly little boy like you
#26 of 143
29th May 2010 04:19
Message from wurzel133
no gimpi it just proves you have no class at all whine whine lie lie lie its all you do.seeing as your so educated look class up in your dictionary nothing you do will have any relevance to the defination given. education does not make class ginli neither does being a spoilt little child. where i come from gimpi you would be defined as a gobby rude little twat
#25 of 143
28th May 2010 09:28
Message from wurzel133
gimpi the real classy thing to have done is just to have goy on with the game not behaved like a spoilt brat something you will learn when you grow up make the most of what you have and not spend you life whining. to late you have already wasted most of yours
#24 of 143
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