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28th Nov 2010 22:10
Message from Flavor
eh no worries, I was just looking at that you took my area to solidify, which is the name of the game, but you do have a 1 bonus that I could exit through, and the goodwill would insure I wouldn't be attacking you. (extra defence, they gotta go through me before you.) All your bonus' go to your other front. The 2 of us are on the lower end of the threat scale for this match, we team up and we should be able to improve upon that. Truce til first elimination? (I would need that exit door though lol)
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27th Nov 2010 14:18
Message from Flavor
in the game segsgr, I have no interest in fighting you, I'm trying to get any bonus so that I can start doing something about orange, instead of boxing me in, could I have a way to get out and help the board from getting overrun?
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11th Jun 2010 13:56
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Thanks for reporting the Koprulu issue. Tom and Yertle were able to fix this board and the bug responsible for issue.
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11th Jun 2010 02:09
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Weird. I removed the pit but something must have gotten screwed up. I'll see if I can change it.
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