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I'm a firm believer of Karma. In fact, I think that if everyone followed their life believing, the world would be a better place.

I love kind people who give advice out of generosity.

I am not a fan of RNG even if I benefit from it.

I have ways to go before I don't consider myself a newb to wargear.net.

This is a display of "It's not over till the fat lady sings"; Eliminating the whole board in 1 turn including some of the top dogs on here with virtually nothing was due mostly to luck but was nonetheless epic! Watch from turn 620--I thought I lost the game:


Happy Holidays!

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20th Feb 2011 14:57
Message from Gimli
I did watch your link. That was risky for your 1st elim to not go straight for the kill, but it was a great cascade of conquering! Those are always fun.
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9th Feb 2011 23:21
Message from KING887
All Good.
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5th Feb 2011 22:04
Message from AttilaTheHun
I like the sound of that but what about your Hole in between my two territories? I'd like to take that so I'm not so divided...
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1st Jan 2011 01:12
Message from Gimli
I think I was checking rankings on boards, and wandered from WWs profile.
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31st Dec 2010 22:23
Message from wurzel133
because he hates me and really needs to get a life
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31st Dec 2010 02:52
Message from Gimli
In this game http://www.wargear.net/games/view/41889 you should also mention to Fordin that he should look at blue's stats. If he is defeated, you guys get more points and should work on the most experienced player at the board anyways. That might help him to listen. Good luck out there!
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23rd Dec 2010 19:13
Message from SIEG HEIL
I don't believe you handed me the game. I've watched the replays several times (everytime I took a turn, and then a few after the game ended) and I don't see any blatent handing of the game. The only thing I see is where I have most of the map, you have no bonuses, and you skip your turn. That's not handing me the game. Although, I do appreciate your compliments on my persistance.
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13th Dec 2010 13:53
Message from SIEG HEIL
What's the dill in the game where I am white? Orange is rediculous right now, and I've been checking brown each turn prettymuch just because he happened to be next to me.
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23rd Nov 2010 21:05
Message from Flavor
haha can you say bling bling??!??!? I chose this name because without me in the game everything just seems bland LOL
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23rd Nov 2010 18:56
Message from e
Haha, well double sorry about that bad luck then. It's really nice when events are close to the expected outcome and really frustrating (or awesome) when they end up being in one of the tails of the distribution.
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23rd Nov 2010 15:40
Message from Yertle
Heya! Sorry I missed you message. Thanks for the feedback. As far as winning on them I don't always have a good strategy (some of my own boards I have the worst ranking on :P), a lot of my strategy though is just lying semi-low and being ready to strike. Also it's always nice when two opponents fight against each other rather than fighting them both :) If interested then start some threads on the Strategy forums as well ( http://www.wargear.net/forum/listthreads/Strategy_and_Tactics ). Good luck! =Yertle
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