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4 Dec 2021
Reviewed by jungkerl Unrated
Great game
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25 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Superb
Really interesting and challenging. Just the right amount of things going on!
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23 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
Very enjoyable board apart from the already mentioned first mover advantage in a two-man game.
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18 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Superb
Super board. Should be played with more than 2 players since going first in a 2 player game has a tremendous advantage.
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14 Feb 2017
Reviewed by ratsy  Perfect
This is a great Board. It is well balanced, the games don't last forever, it looks nice, it's easy to understand, the choke points between sectors make the fog relevant/important. The diversity in island size, composition and bonus structure drives the game forward.

It needs a two player scenario that balances out the first player advantage, but otherwise this game is perfect!

Definitely give it a go!
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28 May 2015
Reviewed by Levowsky  Good
good board
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15 Feb 2015
Reviewed by M57  Perfect
Yertle is a master board designer. His boards are graphically superior and the ranges of subject matter he takes on is surprisingly diverse; this map with its dystopian theme is a perfect example. Zombie Island is a highly stylized board with an innovative way of determining borders and bonuses. Perhaps a bit too innovative as I sometimes have lapses when determining where borders are (and why), but that is no excuse to not give this board a perfect rating.
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18 May 2014
Reviewed by Thingol  Superb
Very cool map. This reminds me of the old Utopia intellivision game...and that's a good thing. The limit on visibility and waypoints make for interesting strategies.
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