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I'm back! And I sell beer now! Hooray Beer!

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18th May 2017 17:09
Message from Nikolai
Hey Ed, Thanks for resurrecting "The Island" board. I remember play-testing it back in the day. Yuma sure made some gorgeous boards (Not all of which made it over from WF...)!
#135 of 135
27th Dec 2015 09:25
Message from BTdubs
Back on WF, was it you who made the board with the suits of armor and the various weapons between them? I loved that board...
#134 of 135
22nd Nov 2015 22:53
Message from warqueer
I will find some new boards and invite you. Im not really into the huge boards though. I like boards that are fair upon setup. you can invite me too :)
#133 of 135
22nd Nov 2015 00:13
Message from warqueer
Sure, would love to get more acquainted with some more boards :) Is there a way to play without ratings when first learning board?
#132 of 135
8th Nov 2015 17:51
Message from BTdubs
Years later, your boards are still my favorites.
#131 of 135
27th Oct 2015 14:42
Message from Nikolai
A tournament on your Pipeline board drew me in from my semi-retirement. Thanks for all the boards & games! Best of luck in your video game-making endeavors!
#130 of 135
5th Sep 2013 08:04
Message from Teamster
I love the Spy vs Spy board. Great work!
#129 of 135
30th Aug 2013 12:06
Message from Mad Bomber
Any chance u have interest in reviving pinball ?
#128 of 135
30th Jul 2013 01:26
Message from Andernut
Hey - Any plans to release Tycoons! ? It was a fun map. http://www.wargear.net/boards/view/2845
#127 of 135
23rd Jul 2013 11:33
Message from Midnight Society
Thanks, Bubby!
#126 of 135
12th Aug 2012 16:48
Message from Jigler
is this a board proposal?
#125 of 135
30th Jul 2012 14:36
Message from Andernut
Hey - any plans to bring your chess "duel" map over? There is a multiplayer map already that looks interesting, but I quite liked your 1v1 version as well.
#124 of 135
17th Jul 2012 13:38
Message from Thingol
Nygma, you reviewed my Kursk map some time ago and I think you gave it the thumbs up during the review game, but it never went live. Do you want to do another game?
#123 of 135
12th Jul 2012 01:53
Message from Kanaka Maoli
what are your thoughts??
#122 of 135
12th Jul 2012 01:53
Message from Kanaka Maoli
im down for a truce in the "Election Time" tourney
#121 of 135
23rd Jun 2012 03:57
Message from j-bomb
what is the status on dungeon w/teams board i want to start a game but it does not seem to be working proprally?
#120 of 135
8th Jun 2012 18:52
Message from Damacles
cool, thanks man!
#119 of 135
5th Jun 2012 03:34
Message from CiscoKid
site must be stalled.
#118 of 135
4th Jun 2012 00:36
Message from Ceggon
Sorry I missed the invite to test. Send me one anytime, I'm glad to help!
#117 of 135
21st Apr 2012 05:19
Message from Aiken Drumn
:) I've had it as an avatar on other forums, seemed especially appropriate here :D
#116 of 135
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